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Honolulu Head-fiers: Check in

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There used to be a small core of HNL head-fiers, and I'd like to explore the possibility of meets or mini-meets. This is the place to check in.

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Where would the meets happen?  In Oahu?  Skype?...well thats silly... because howd we sample each others gear?

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Sergeant uncola reporting for duty.  This thread did not take off.. 2 years since the last post.

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I have yet to meet another fellow audiphile enthusiast...non of my friends have the same passion for high end audio gear or high quality music like I do...when they find out how much my hd650's cost, they just shake their heads. Even more so when I tell them how much the zu mobius cable, amps and dac cost. But it's all least my wife doesn't complain about my hobby.
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I've met up with Saraguie to demo gear before as well as CommanderZero to sell an IEM. But HawaiiFi is pretty limited :P.

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Are there any stores here that sells audiophile grade toys for us? I don't know of any and craiglist doesn't come up with anything...
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Not to my knowledge. Maybe Best buy could have some decent stuff but not TOTL IMO.

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It sucks that our only option here is to order from mainland or check the classifieds on here...
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Yep that's the risk you must take if you want to get your feet wet.

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We're such a minority in this crowded island. What a shame. :( Then again, it seems that a lot of people here can't really afford this hobby. I've been lucky with getting my feet wet since I like all of my gear.

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yah, I saw some psb image b6 speakers on craigslist and the guy said I was the first to contact him, it was on craigslist for months

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My Internet friend drew this pic of me and I thought it was appropriate for this thread


munch drawing of uncola cropped.jpg

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I did some research on sennhieser hd800 and easy music center popped up in my search field...seems they sell some audiophile reference gear headphones and stuff.not that much selection but they said they can bring I. Pretty much anything with free shipping. And yeah, I don't really see much stuff on Craigslist either.i pretty much keep quiet about how much my gear costs...none of my friends can understand why anyone would pay over $200 for any headphones. But they do comment about how awesome thier beats by dre are and how the sound quality of its bass brings them to a whole different zone while at the
post #14 of 15 much as I'd like to say "ignorance is bliss" regarding audiophile gear, some of those Beats models are expensive. Some people just buy too much into the marketing hype to believe anything else.  I wear my Westone 4's on the bus, but I usually just see Beats or generic earbuds there. Then again, most people who ride the bus probably couldn't afford much for audio gear. Some can't even seem to afford deodorant...

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Yup! Walk around the mall...and I don't see one hifi quality headphones besides sony and Bose...I'd rather drop $400+ on hd650 than $300+ on beat studios.
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