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Touchdown in 1week's time :D

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Owners of EX600/7550/1000, what about isolation. which one is the worst in the aspect? I am asking because I don't need isolation. I already own the ex600 but I'm thinking about ex7550 as it seems it isolates less...

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Originally Posted by cliffroyroycole View Post

So yesterday the UPS man delivered a pair of ER4PTs from Amazon, an open box special. I was curious to hear the 4Ps compared to the MDR-7550s. At first, when I listened to the Etys via the Zune HD headphone out, no amp, I thought they were pretty close to what I was hearing with the 7550s (using the triple flange tips on the Etys). I owned the 4Ps a long time ago, but decided to try them again at the reduced price ($166). So far, so good. I listened to a couple of tunes, some with bass emphasis, another acoustic.


All I can say is for me, the 7550s are a better version of the ER4P. Both are detail monsters, no surprise there. But the added warmth (in a good way) and the bass response on the Sonys just really blew away the Etys. I don't mean to say the Etys are bad, not at all. Later, when I attached an amp (Leckerton UHA-4) to both, the Etys benefited more and closed the gap a bit. Even so, the Sonys were the clear-cut favorites to me. Less analytical, more musical. I guess this won't surprise anyone. The Etys still are preferred for outdoor use due to the Sony wind noise issue. And I may even keep the Etys, not sure, since they seem like something everyone should own (not even sure why. Because they have existed for so long, successfully? Because I got them at a very good price?).


I just had the Brainwavz B2s, and returned them. To me, they were very good, but not good enough, even with the lower price tag, to unseat the 7550s as my favorite universal IEM. Same with the Etys, though for some reason I may have a harder time letting go of the Etys (for one thing, they cost about the same as the B2s, but seem much sturdier and have Ety custom service behind them).


I think I am going to wait for the ZO V2 to come out in the fall and see how that works with the Etys, since that piece of gear is getting almost universal praise. It seems like the perfect piece of gear to complement the Etys, which like the Sonys, I would use mainly for home listening.


After the comparison, I also listened to the JH5 customs I own, and they still blow me away, and are preferred to the Sonys and, by extension, the Etys.


Small thing. I recently bought some Comply Ts200 foam tips  (got the 25 percent Comply July 4 sale) to use with the UE500vi on occasion. On a lark, I tried them with the 7550s, and to me, they are more satisfying than the hybrids. Yes, insertion is more of a hassle, but since I use them at home, not an issue. I recommend the Complys for any Sony EX600/1000 or 7550 owners, unless of course you hate foamies.


I also recommend for ER4P fans to try the 7550s if you can, though I see the 7550s are $299 everywhere now, not the $259 I was lucky enough to pay a couple of weeks back.



Interesting post. 
The ER4P and Atrios are two IEMs I've 'always' wanted to try, though I've always been more drawn to the Etys as they've been considered a reference IEM for many years. If I haven't pulled the trigger yet, it's because triple flanges and deep insertion (except with my customs) are things I find pretty uncomfortable. Also, I've often come across posts saying the ER4Ps are rather bass-light. I've also read people stating the Etys improve with an amp, but I don't like portable amps. In addition, the ER4Ps are (much) more expensive in Europe. Nevertheless, no doubt one day I will try them. 
In the meantime, I'm expecting my 7550s to get here tomorrow or Friday.
BTW, thanks for the Complys heads up - unfortunately, I'm one of those who doesn't get along with Comply/foam tips. At least I'm glad they've never provided the best SQ for me with all IEMs I've tried so far, otherwise I'd be quite frustrated knowing there are some tips that can improve SQ but that, in my case, I find pretty uncomfortable. My wallet also thinks it's a good idea I don't like Comply/foam tips.


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Try a 74ohms impedance adapter on those Ps, fwir the ER4S or ER4P+74ohms is much better than the regular P. 

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Agreed, I'm an ER4S person myself and would never even consider the P over the S for my tastes so no adapter needed.  biggrin.gif  But that is a good deal though.

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Originally Posted by cliffroyroycole View Post

I had a 75ohm adapter here, but it messes the sound up badly, causing a shrill and offensive sound. Must be faulty. I am going to reach out and get the P to S cable at HD or some other aftermarket place, since Etys price is too high (unless I can find one used).

Definitely watch out.  There have been mixed results with various 75ohm adapters out there.  Another reason I didn't want to deal with it.  I've always been against adding splices in my chain too when possible.  Old habit.


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Thank you guys for answering a simple question

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all 3 isolate about the same. 

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do you have problems in the EX700 EX600 and EX1000 , especially imroved treble , so I am very curious corrected sibilant sound harsh , I do not want to live a new disappoinment , thank you.


I'm sorry for bad englishredface.gif

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Crossing my paws --- I should get them tomorrow!

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The eagle has landed!














On one side of the dogears :D



[Coming from the DBA-02... Straight from the box... Using the stock tips... Plugged on my Nokia N82]

Played Green Day's American Idiot and Breaking Benjamin's Saturate - these sounds more balanced (the bass!) and less forward on the treble... I'm liking it :)

[Break-in starts...]


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^ I know how much you've been looking forward to hearing these IEMs - hope they don't disappoint. Nice pics, BTW.

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^Thanks, snapped 'em right away with my MP3 player - Nokia N82 :D :D :D


Now, all you EX-Men :D Dig this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjQP9931NhU Pun intended :D

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Originally Posted by dogears View Post


Now, all you EX-Men :D Dig this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjQP9931NhU Pun intended :D

Nice one!

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^ I seem to recall you used custom tips with your W4s (UM56) and I think those fit the Etys. Are you using the UM56s with your ER4Ps? That would probably improve their SQ somehow, though I've no idea how much.

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