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First Impressions of the new Beyerdynamic T70p - Page 16

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Thought I'd be reviving a dead thread but I loved my T70ps while I had them (traded em for I wanted a great home setup) the detail in them is astounding (if you like the brighter sound).


My initial thoughts when I got them. Made the vid a long time ago but never uploaded it. Has anyone tried these on a tube amp thinking back I bet thatd really wake them up.
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Speaking about amping, I will use them on the go with my temperamental AK100 Mk2, otherwise I would have bought open headphones like HD700 or HD800.


I haven't received them yet, but I'm already planning possible upgrades. Has anybody (former or actual owners of T70p) tried to replace original earpads? If so, which ones could provide better seal and maybe a little bit increase bass. If I'm not wrong, they share the cup size with T5p, T90 and Custom One Pro, but I'm not sure about DT 770, DT790 and other DT series headphones. Thanks in advance!

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Sorry if I sounded rude. Of course there are situations when only closed cans can be used indoors as their sound leakage is quite limited compared to open headphones. Moreover a tube amp could give sonic benefits taming the HFs and making the overall sound a bit warmer.

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My t70p's got a nice upgrade thanks to Casper.







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Awesome pictures! I love the T70(p).
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Mrman, how have these mods changed the sound? loving my T70p, especially with 901&minibox, can portable audio really get much better than this?
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