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Hoping someone has some ideas or expertise in regards to ancient equipment. I have here an old 360W receiver that my dad bought back in the 80's and  has been sitting in my basement (along with a pair of Sony SS-C40 speakers) for a good 15 years. I know it worked fine last time It was powered up, but it seems to have magically deteriorated when I went to reconnect it all up and test it out.


It turns on, and the tuner frequency LCD scans, but there is no sound and within a short time (or is the channel am/fm memory buttons are pressed) the lcd read out goes crazy, random numbers, while the lcd and the leds above some of the buttons on the front panel dim and blink.


I've checked the fuses and capacitors (for bulging caps) and they seem to be intact. I can't figure out how this thing could have just decided to die from non-use.


Also, can anyone give me an estimate about how much this thing with the speakers is worth? I can't find any for sale anywhere, and wanted to know how much I'd be able to let this go for in case it is unfixable.