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Your favorite media player? - Page 6

Poll Results: media player

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 3% of voters (6)
    zune software
  • 7% of voters (12)
  • 2% of voters (5)
    windows media player
  • 14% of voters (24)
  • 44% of voters (75)
    foobar 2000
  • 5% of voters (10)
  • 1% of voters (2)
    media player classic
  • 21% of voters (37)
169 Total Votes  
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Deadbeef @ Debian

foobar2000 @ WinXP

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Dedicated Winamp user here. Been using Winamp since day 1. Love the skin i've been using for nearly 10 years. Easy to customize, quick simple & takes little resources, comes with handly online tag function. Comes with lots of "optionals" but if you know how to use a computer you'd probably be able to skip those installations.


I'm also surprised not many people use it nowadays.

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Foobar2000 - WinXP


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Originally Posted by mrtim6 View Post

I have just download the trial version of the J River Media Center 16. I have noticed there is no control over volume. I am using it with Asus Xonar STX and beyerdynamic mmx300, using the headphone & mic inputs on the sound card (not front panel). I am using Hi Fi setting, 2 Channels, 44.1 sample rate, smart volume i toggled on and off.

I really like the player interface lots of nice options however not sure what is happening with the "stuck" volume level cannot seem to reduce the volume or increase it.


Hopefully you found the answer on the J. River forum.  There are several volume options.  Try "Internal" if you want J. River MC to manage volume.   Click on the speaker icon next to the volume slider in the upper left corner to get to the setting.


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