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Headphones on a $500 budget

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I am in the market for a set of headphones but I need some help.


I'd like to get 2 sets, 1 for pure gaming and 1 for music/movies.


I play a lot of positional games like CoD and BFBC and the music i listen to most is punk rock/metal (bands like new found glory, Bullet for my valentine, disturbed, My chemical romance etc)


If you could, could you please suggest 1 of each open and closed sets (budget $500 each) i wont be getting them all but it will give me something to go down to my local audio shop and try out if they have them as i have never owned or listened to open headphones before (and 60% of the time having open (if i like them) won't be a problem)


I'm sure some of you will be wondering why get 2 and not just 1 to do both jobs (and i might if one fits really really well) but i know a lot of you will understand the need for more then 1 set :)


I will also be getting a portable amp to go with these to use with my iphone/pod, laptop/macbook pro(s) and maybe even my PC but i will post that in the correct forum once i pick the cans I want.



Thanks everyone for your time and help in advance

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I'm going to set you up with a portable and non portable set up.



Fiio E7+E9 under $250

Gives you two amps, one for portable and one for desktop. They work together and give you a great set of amps.



HD600 for home use for music and movies

HD25-1 ii for portable use

And ATH-AD700 for gaming. Which they are pretty popular for gaming.


I also highly would say to get a new DAP, MP3 player. Ipods are known here, but never taken seriously. A Cowon S9 would suit anyone very well.


I have actually 4 sets of headphones:

MDR-V6 for gaming and pop/rap

T50RP for General Music

SR80i for portable

HD598 for anything



Portapros for cleaning

Brainwavz M1 for ultra potable

Sony cheap IEMs for back up

KSC75 for cleaning back up

Sony earbud for any back up

Sony sport clips for biking

Then I have more.

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Originally Posted by BotByte View Post

 Ipods are known here, but never taken seriously. 

Care to expand on that little gem??

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