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For Sale: FS: PFE 121, Sonocore COA-805

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For Sale:
FS: PFE 121, Sonocore COA-805

Will Ship To: CONUS



Trades: I'm looking for a desktop amp, mainly the FiiO E9, but feel free to throw me any trade offers.


PFE 121 : I got them about 1-2 weeks ago to compare to my GR07s, but I prefered my GR07s so these were used for about an hour before I put them back in the box. It comes with all accessories and box except for the Comply tips(used them). Everything still looks and feels brand new. I didn't even touch any of the earhooks or filters. $115 $105 shipped


Sonocore COA-805 : I had these for a month, but I put about 2 hours on them before putting them aside. I wanted to try out dual-dynamic driver IEMs, but hey are too bass-heavy for my tastes. These come in a generic plastic box with the stock tips. $40 $35 shipped PENDING





I will be shipping with USPS First Class or Priority Mail. Everything will be shipped within 24 hours so you will receive your items 2-3 days after I ship it. All of these items are functioning and will be checked before shipping it. I do not accept returns so EVERYTHING IS SOLD AS-IS.



Items Sold:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



HD 25-1 II : I had these for about a week so they look and sound brand new. It comes with the carrying bag, the 1/8" to 1/4" adapter, and new velour pads. $140 shipped


ATH-M50 : These are about 5 months old. I bought them from an authorized dealer on eBay in January. I have not used it in months so they've been just sitting on my desk. The headphones are in pristine condition with no scratches or signs of wear ANYWHERE on the headphones. It comes with the WHITE box and all the accessories and paper that were in the box when I got it. $110 shipped


HD600 : I bought these off someone locally so I only have the box and headphones. They are in great condition, but the earpads and headband cushions are pretty worn. A SMALL part of the grill's paint chipped off, but other than that, there are no cosmetic issues with it. You get the box, headphones, stock cable, and 1/8 -> 1/4 adapter. $220 shipped   RETRACTED




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M50s sold to Phraxos.

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HD25 sale pending.

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HD25s sold to Hammerzeit locally.

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Decided to keep HD 600s for now so retracted.

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COA-805 pending trade

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