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Has anyone's Arrow 4G order gone past "Oder Processing" yet? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by LiqTenExp View Post

look at the website, it isn't even listed any longer.  I've been looking to get a 4G for months now.

I don't know for sure but maybe that means pre-orders are done now?
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I have one ordered (paid for) as do many... I don't mind the wait (I use my bulky d4 in the meantime), it would be nice to get an update though posted on his page..

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Bumpity bump bump

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December Bump

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I gotta say you guys are being patient as hell. Maybe too patient. I know I'd be indignant at this point, bordering on pissed...

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Got an email today from Robert:





you ordered the Arrow headphone amplifier...I'm sorry for all the 
delay and bad communication. We are now assembling the amps and we 
will ship the first batch in 2 weeks from California.

The whole production stuck because of the aluminium enclosures. They 
are difficult to produce due to the small thickness and my request for 
high quality. After several suppliers failed to make them correctly I 
went to China to attend the production by my self and to found out the 
problems. I wanted to stay max. 2 month but now I am here for 7 month 
(getting a new visa every month in Hong Kong!) I had to set up the 
production by my own as no supplier was able to make it according to 
my requests. Unfortunately this was the most time-consuming way as 
getting around in China is "challenging" and the business rules are 
different. I wasn't able to tell shipping dates as many of you asked. 
Even the simple things got very complicated.

I offer a voucher of $25 for every month you are waiting. For example, 
if you placed your order in May you get a voucher of $200 for any new 
purchase. (If you don't need two Arrow amps or the DAC cable I am sure 
you will also like my upcoming designs. My next project is the "Stick 
USB DAC" which I am working on for 2 years now.)

If you don't need the amp anymore just let me know. Of course, you can 
test it and send it back within one month after receipt and get a 
refund then.

Please reply to this email if you have any questions. I will check my 
emails more frequently from now on-promised!

A Happy New Year!


As frustrating as the wait has been, I'm still happy to wait until the amp arrives. I've had the XM5 to keep me interested for the last 6 months so the Arrow will be a welcome (and more pocket portable!) addition.

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I ordered the XM5 about a month ago and I loved it. But the volume knob fell off after 2 days and it wouldn't go back on properly. Rather than resort to adjusting the volume sans knob I decided to return it for a refund and spring for the XM6. I shipped it back and now I've been waiting nearly 3 weeks for a refund. They're really terrible about replying to emails. I'm thinking of taking it up with PayPal if I don't hear from them soon...

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There is a tiny screw on the volume knob that you need to fasten up so it will 'bite' onto the pot.

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I got the e-mail yesterday (after this post) from Robert as well saying they will ship in two weeks from California.  Yay

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I got the same letter as the rest, but has anyone received their amp yet? I thought his self-imposed "credit" meant amps would go flying out the door into the eager hands of wait-weary customers.

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Nothing here yet on a June 6th order.  But status did change from "order processing" to "Arrow 4G" 


This is third week since the e-mail saying two weeks to ship.  I am hoping to see an e-mail this week saying it has shipped.

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Just got my 4g... woo hoo!!!

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how is it man, what player are u plugging it into?

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Yea I have been checking it out. I plug it into my J3.  Some say without a LO it makes no sense to amp a J3, but I really like it.  The sound and size work perfectly  for me  (it replaced the ibasso D4).  


These paired with the RE 262 sound great and the details are present for me.    I find all the settings are subtle but noticeable.  Being that I am using the headphone out of a J3 that has a good equalizer, I tend to leave the amp neutral where the Arrow is very transparent and clean as can be yet it adds power to drive the RE 262's properly.

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