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Stax headphones

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Hello everyone

I saw that Stax the Japanese elite headphones has been out with a new model – 2170

So I just wanna know, how is the sound of Stax compare to HD650 senn or to what sound u can compare it too? Sennhiser or akg or grado ?

Since its electrostatic headphones so how is the bass? Is it soft or aggressive?

Hope u can help me to know more about those headphones that comes with a set of amp is it really worth it ..

Thank u all

Have a nice day


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Stax are really, really high-end headphones. Seriously, compare the price of AKG's flagship with the Stax flagship. They are eyewateringly expensive, but supposedly provide out of this world sound. I wouldn't know,  can't afford them. 


However, electrostats as a whole are known for being relatively bass light. However, this can be construed as a flat frequency response rather than de-emphasising the lower frequencies.


They require special amps, do your research.



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If you want to get a taste of 'stat sound, you could buy a vintage Stax setup.  SR-5 or SR-X and a transformer can be found for under $200.


I have an SR-5 and the sound is very neutral and "lively" (for lack of a better term) compared to dynamics I have experienced (K601, RS1, D2000).  They are slightly bass-light but on most music they sound amazing.

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Thank U all

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I still have the old version of that kit, the 2050.


The bass is pretty light compared to dynamics, but if you aren't very concerned with the bass, there isn't much out there that can dish out the effortless midrange of an electrostatic headphone.


I think they compete well with a similarly priced headphone+amp combo, mine was about ~$550 new a year ago.


Try to find them used if possible, so you can sell it without too much loss, because the electrostat sound isn't for everyone, and you can't use the amp with other normal headphones.

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I agree with deadlylover.

My 2050 setup is a keeper, well worth the money.

In this price range a dynamic rig doesn't even come close.

Then again that is only my opinion, others may differ.

Another great stat contender for under $1000 is the Koss ESP-950.

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Electrostatic drivers can't move as physical far as a dynamic driver, but they can move incredibly fast. The problem is that you can't use them with a regular headphone amp but only with specifically designed amps.


The whole "Stax are bass light" thing is rubbish. The frequency response of different Stax headphones varies considerably. Most often, if you don't want to spend the money on a new Stax rig, there are plenty of vintage rigs available for far less that are almost as good, if not as good as what you can buy new.  Starting with an old, cheap, vintage rig is definitely the way to go.  The oldest types use a kind of amp that plugs into the speaker terminals of a regular hi-fi amp.

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