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For Sale or Trade:
Ultrasone Pro 900 *Like New* Free Priority Mail shipping CONUS

Will Ship To: CONUS

These are about 6 weeks old, comes with all original boxing/packing/contents: test CD,  2 sets of pads, 1/4 and 1/8 cords...etc. They are FULLY burned in with around 950 hours of burn in, with approximately 80 hours of actual head time. I put probably 60 hours on the black pads, and 20 on the silver pads. Everything is in excellent condition with not visible signs of wear. See my great feedback and send me a PM if interested. I will ship for free via USPS Priority Mail in the CONUS. PayPal 'gift' only or add 3.5% otherwise.


I would consider trading (plus some cash) for an Audio Technica AD2000 or W1000X. I'd also be open to any trades involving any midrange dacs/amps-especially any Audio gd gear. Thanks for looking!!



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