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it's looped.  placebo effect is strong however.  


edit: nvm you edited the post.

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Originally Posted by TMRaven View Post

it's looped.  placebo effect is strong however.  


edit: nvm you edited the post.

My placebo failure will be forever engraved in this thread, though I've had aplenty regarding amplifiers too =)

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The fear of placebo having an effect on my hearing when it comes to higher end products is one of the main reasons why I'm trying to stay clear of spending more on the hobby.  :(  

Going from intel hd audio to the music streamer already wasn't that great of an increase in audio quality, but I felt the purchase was more than justified because it took away all the buzzing the internal amp creates when the computer is active.  We'll see how tube rolling turns out.


I took the test with the crappy 2.0 speakers that come stock with the 27 inch iMac, and there was a distinct difference in the way it sounded, and it was considerably more akin to the first pic than the second, although the space on left wasn't quite as great as right.  Driver mismatch?  Either way I can see how the test is geared for speakers setups now.  I wonder why the headphones sound so different.

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I had some very odd findings:


All my phones and my amps sound like #2 through a Yulong DAC.

All my phones and my amps sound like #1 through crappy onboard sound of a dying 12 year old computer.


This is the file in Audacity:





I'm pretty sure the "real" deal is #1, if you hear #2, something is doing some exaggeration somewhere.

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Clearly the first on my full size setup, gonna try IEMs later on.
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Sounded like the 1st one from my HD650

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Originally Posted by BotByte View Post


The same as the picture without any problems.



Grouped more in the center, I could distinguish between more left or right, but in the middle I was guessing what direction it was coming from.


Fostex T50RP out of Sony Receiver from Computer Via RCA

Placebo at it's best.
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I gave it a listen through iTunes and fiddled with the EQ to see if it made a difference.  Turning up the mids, turning down the mids, turning up the treble, turning down the treble-- nothing changed the way the drums were displayed by the DT990.  Interestingly enough, the built-in iTunes music enhancer, which really messes up music, gives a bit more spacing to the drum hits in the middle, but the ones along the edges are congested and barely separated.  In fact the perceived distance of the outer drums went from several feet to only inches from the ear.

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I hear the second one on my V6 from desktop onboard sound

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Originally Posted by Loevhagen View Post

I´ve used Stax SR-007mkII and SRM-007tmkII and the second graphic still prevails...sorry. I repeat that the file is not made for headphones.

So, no actual explanation on differences between headphones and how some sound different and apparently displaced frrom the predicted results?

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I can clearly pinpoint the position of each hit, but what I hear through my HD650 is closer to the second image.


With my Audioengine A2's at ear level, arm's length away and a metre apart, the hits are evenly spaced exactly like the first picture.


My setup:

Macbook via optical > Audio-GD Fun via dac line level rca out > Lyr via preamp rca out > speakers

                                                                                         > Lyr headphone out > HD650



I'm intrigued by those claiming to hear the first picture through their cans. The OP shouldn't have posted the images until results were declared.

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I think the OP also shouldn't have said that the MP3 was an identical loop either until the end, but that's a different experiment.

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I'm using a USB total bithead to my ATH-M50's and the first time I tried it, I definitely heard number 2. Then I tried turning on my crossfeed filter and the hits did seem to get more separated, though not anywhere close to being number 1. I tried this a couple times to make sure, and as far as I can tell, the crossfeed does seem to spread the notes out, just not all the way.

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I'm hearing the first picture out of my FA003s (with a poorly done dynamat mod XD)


Spatially the drums definitely seem to line up with the first image and not the second, but since the first and last drums are panned hard left and right, there is something special about those hits that suggests something more like the second image.

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I'm curious if those hearing spacing similar to the first image, and listening just from their onboard sound, are certain there are no processing effects being applied by their soundcard.

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