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"Best Quality" headphones for a regular student life.

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I'm a new member and i want to congratulate everyone in the forums for their mature answers, and helpful and reliable advices, i've been visitng this site for a while now and I'm glad i found it. (and thanks for not being brainwashed by all the marketing stuff that everyone is into=) )


Well let's get down to the deal;

I currently have a pair of Monster's Turbine in-ear speakers, I'm really satisfied with these headphones, they are awesome, they satisfy my needs, i can hear clearly the chords of the guitar, i can hear the percussion instruments in the background, and gives an amazing quality of music when i listen to House, electro , etc, etc and .. overall they're great. ( I use them when I workout, in my computer, and my Ipod), but my growing young audiophile needs are telling me I need other type of headphones so that's why I'm asking help of Head-Fi.


I'm currently looking for a new pair of headphones (On-Ear or Over-Ear), and have a clear-acoustic sound and rich OR good amount of bass, i know everyone criticise BOSE, but since I don't know that much of headphones, and BOSE are the only ones that i can actually try, on stores, I feel like they are superior than most headphones in stores, but I know by fact that they aren't competition to many headphones out there, only when it comes to noise cancelling. So can anyone recommend me a good pair of headphones that are affordable and offer the things that I'm looking for? 

extra information:

<200 $

the genres of music are .. well I listen to everything music is music(open minded)

I do my best to get songs 320kbps quality even though it's not much the difference but i like them to be like that.


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The Audio Technica ATH-M50 would be a good start - very good SQ, strong bass, very good build quality, no need to amp - all at an awesome price. The downside would be portability -- it is big and bulky with a very long cord.


EDIT - if you haven't yet, look up |joker|'s 2 massive reviews -- one for headphones, and a bigger one for IEM's.


EDIT #2 - Welcome to Head-Fi, and sorry about your wallet! tongue.gif

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haha thanks i'm thinking of starving myself to get some good headphones:D

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If you want to audition headphones in person, Best Buy usually has a few on trial. Mine has the Philips Stretch, Sony XB500, Skullcandy Aviators, and Klipsch One. Well, there are Bose and Beats, but those aren't special. I actually think the Stretches are pretty decent headphones, especially since they go for less than $50 online. They are tilted on the dark side (less treble, more bass), with somewhat recessed mids, but all in all, pretty decent. I like them more than the Aviators for 3 times the price, and more than the Bose Triports.


However, if you feel like starving yourself, you could go to Guitar Center and try whatever they have. They usually have Beyerdynamics, Fostex, AKG's, and Audio Technicas. I LOVE the AKG K271 for acoustic stuff, but their bass may be lacking for you, considering you have Turbines.

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i'll thrown in my two cents.


the shure srh840 (and perhaps the just-released srh940 - i havent' heard it) is my favorite headphone for under $200 USD.


in fact, there are a slew of headphones just above that price point that quite simply do not compete with the shure - dt880, k702, etc.

at least not in terms of overall neutrality, timbral quality, versatility, dynamic headroom, etc. etc.


i have also owned the M50.  and it sells for just under a $100.

it's a bargain.  but it's not as good as the shure. 

it is immensely popular here as a starter can when getting into the hobby.

and i certainly understand why - it sounds really nice for the price.  easily besting anything else you can get for $100.

but, it does have some issues --  a slightly metallic treble, and a veiled midrange that is also very slightly recessed.

the bass is also a touch more than neutral.  but is pleasant and pretty well defined.

like i said, it's a nice headphone. 


but, the shure -- well, it is probably the most "tried and true" dynamic headphone for under $200.

that's my opinion.

and not likely to change any time soon....

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Where are you finding the M50 under $100? I haven't found it less than $130 new anywhere.

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Originally Posted by zammykoo View Post



Where are you finding the M50 under $100? I haven't found it less than $130 new anywhere.


wow...  strange.  the price has gone up.


about a year ago, when i bought mine, they were running $115 at the most.

i even bought a few pairs as gifts (father , cousin, friend).


there was an ebay seller offering legit pairs for about $90.

but i got mine thru amazon for about $112 to $119.  the price varied from time to time.


now they appear to be in the $130 to $160 range.



best of luck to you in your search...


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Originally Posted by TheWuss View Post

i'll thrown in my two cents.


the shure srh840 (and perhaps the just-released srh940 - i havent' heard it) is my favorite headphone for under $200 USD.

How ya' doin'.  I'm also saying this is the best option!  The one downside is that its bulky.  Not the kind of headphone for walking around, more for sitting at the library and writing a paper.

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The Shures are great, but do tend to be more mid-forward which, if you're used to more mid-recessed-sounding cans, can be less pleasant. However with acoustic music I thought they were great, as this brings the vocals and many instruments forward. Ideally you should try and find somewhere where you can audition headphones in-store with your own music.  I thought the M50s weren't as good when I tried them and suggest going for the more established AD700s or AD900s instead.

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This might be heretical but I would actually recommend switching to the much smaller earphones. Much more portable, and the small sacrifice in sound is easily worth not having to carry around the headphones on your neck or bag all the time. I'm also a student who travels constantly, and although I love the sound of my M50's, I just find it a hassle to carry around with me sometimes, especially when you are doing lots of hands-on work.

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I also love the SRH840- my favorite closed headphone out of many I've auditioned.  If you don't need sound isolation (e.g. are in a quiet place and won't disturb people nearby or don't mind using your Turbines in those situations) you might also consider open headphones.  I personally like Grado SRH60/80/225 series headphone more than any closed headphone I've tried under $1000- but they do emphasize the treble so you might consider a warm source (uDac is great, and will sound better than your computer or ipod with high bitrate files) or a Fiio E5 which can emphasize bass.  uDac + SR80 = headphone bliss within your budget.  Buy both used and you might be able to get SR225.

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