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For Sale: [For Sale] Carrie USB DAC + Amp

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For Sale:
[For Sale] Carrie USB DAC + Amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I would like to sell Carrie amplifiers (http://www.ualberta.ca/~jple/carrie/made ​​by myself.
Carrie is a USB DAC is coupled to the amplifier.

For those who don't know, it's a combination of the GrubDAC (http://www.diyforums.org/GrubDAC/GrubDACoverview.php) and high performance AMB Mini3.



- Mini3 gain 5x

- high performance edition of Mini3 (AD8397 + OPA690)

- use Hammond 1455C801BK case (aluminum end panels)

- Switchcraft output jack

- 12V (+/- 6V) regulated for Mini3

- use mini USB jack for DAC


Asking for $150 shipped worldwide using Indonesian EMS (less than 7 days).



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Hey I've got a non-head-fier friend interested in this.  What kind of impedance headphones can you run with the 5x gain?  250ohm Beyers?


Also, hows the imagery/separation and soundstage increase that you've noticed?  I've never had a chance to hear a Mini3.

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Does it come with an adaptor or do u have to use batteries (12v)?

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Originally Posted by konjislav View Post

Does it come with an adaptor or do u have to use batteries (12v)?

CARRIE amp does not use an adapter or batteries.

Power source only comes from USB (5V for GrubDAC) and using a DC to DC step up (5V to 15V), regulated to 12V and is set to be divided by the TLE2426 to + / - 6V (for Mini3 amp).


So the CARRIE amp is very convenient to carry around. You only need a USB cable.

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