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Headphones with large and deep earpads

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I do like headphones, but my ears are like miniature radar dishes.


I have been using a pair of DT880 headphones for just under a year now, but they're getting more and more annoying to wear.


The pads aren't quite tall enough; the padding either rubs up against the cartilage at the bottom of my ear, or rubs up against the top of my ear.


They're not quite deep enough, my ear's anti-helix presses up quite hard against the foam covering the driver.


These two things combine result in irritation, which means I'm almost constantly making minor adjustments to their positioning, or taking them off to scratch an itch they've created.


I've tried stuffing some thin slices of foam under the inside of the ear pads. This resulted in only light contact with the driver foam, but made the pads rather firm and exacerbated the first problem while also making them less comfortable in general.



So, with this in mind, I'm looking for a pair of headphones of a similar performance level but without these two problems, so I may enjoy my music without constant fidgeting.


Suggestions, please!

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The SR325i with Grado large pads or ATH_AD900.

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I am not sure if they're in your price range, but the HD800 have the most spacious earcups I've ever tried. No part of the ear touches any of the interior. The earpads still accumulate warmth over time, but the fact that the ear doesn't touch anything makes them extremely comfortable.

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Yep, the G-cush pads are awesome.

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Originally Posted by Fantasysage View Post

Yep, the G-cush pads are awesome.



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Unfortunately, the Grado SR325i and Senn HD800 are out of my price range, and I've had bad experience with the AD700, so was reluctant to try another in that series.

I posted this query elsewhere too, and received the suggestion of the Beyer DT150 headphones.

These are a positively massive pair of headphones, plenty of room vertically but still irritated my ear's helix due to being not particularly large horizontally. I took some of the foam from the failed DT880 comfort bodge, and tucked it under the ear pad at the rear of the cup to provide some space between the pad and the driver for the helix to reside.

Just waiting for the pads to break in now, and I expect they will be very comfortable.

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Originally Posted by ZARIM View Post



If you are having this problem with the DT880s, do NOT buy these.  I had the problem with you're talking about with the AD900s, while there was a good quarter of an inch between the cartilage of my ear and the drivers in the 880s.


I seem to recall the earcups being quite deep with the AKG K702s that I had, but they have the worst headband design ever.  So it's sort of sidestepping a pothole to fall off of a bridge sort of thing.

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