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Finally hooked up my Taishan directly to my HiFiMAN EF2A, and I must say.  I think I prefer it to the onboard chip of the EF2A.  Less hissy I guess.  Just sounds better to my ears. 

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Hello everyone.


I have a Brix PC and need as soundcard as the internal one is not very good.  I was looking at either this or the Behringher UCA202.


I take it the Wolfson D3's are long gone now?  So that would leave me with only the D03k.  Is this still  a decent device?  I would be running the device via the Brix's optical output (which I am not sure is any good or not). 


Is there anything else I could be looking at for around the £30 mark?



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I was just wondering has anyone used a battery pack to power the D3?



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The sound quality you get from this is comparable to a mid-to-high-tier (depending on the model) smartphone audio chip, which, considering the audio chips in most budget TVs are deplorable, is a stellar upgrade for around €30. Highly recommended for use with a TV.

Best setup for headphones:

Optical toslink> fiio d03k> topping nx1> headphones

Price around €70 excluding headphones
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