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Budget headphone comparos

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Hey all, 


Ill try to keep this short, but as a short introduction, Im trying to find some good started full size (portable or non) where I can get a better judge as to what Im looking for in a headphone. While the descriptions and headphone terminology are helpful, reading about and listening to a headphone can be quite different (Hence such varying opinions about the same headphones).


While I haven't had a closed set of phones in a while, Im looking to snag a pair or two reasonably price as I have no need for anything over 100 (No amp, pretty rough with phones etc) Before anyone directs me to another thread, I have read the 80 +portable/full size comparo pretty much back to front more than once, and also the 170+iem etc thread. In addition to countless threads titled looking for a headphone under x amount, or headphone x opinions. 


What Im looking for in music: Not concerned with absolute clarity, I like significant bass, but would like it to be fairly controled because while I listen to mostly hiphop/rap, I also like electronic music such as dubstep house, and dnb. 


What im looking for in a headphone: Significant Isolation (for use traveling, and at home) so I would also like them to be comfortable. I will not be using an amp as I mostly will use them for iphone and macbook.


Headphones Im considering and why im considering them:  


Audio Technica ATH-M30- Look very comfortable and well built, read they lean towards a relaxed bassy sound. 


JVC Ha M-750-Portable, apparently significant bass and good isolation


JVC HARX-700-quite a following, probably not portable as they look HUGE. Read that they need an amp, but look comfortable and well built. 


AKG 81DJ (518 or whatever theyre called)-A lot of reccomendations for these for theyre bass and were rated very good for isolation. Read that the pads were very hard which is not appealing but maybe thats not true? 


Sen 202 ii-Very inexpensive, look comfortable, bass, and have only read good things. (not very portable however)


Superlux HD688B- Never heard of the brand before hf but they look comfortable, but are semi-open. 


Prodipe pro 800- Look quite beefy, but still portable. Coiled studio cord, the reviews look very good. 


Sorry for the long post lol, I can start a new thread if necessary


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Well I'm sorry to say this, but $50 will not get you a lot.


Yes some of those headphones are nice, but like Superlux are about $40-50 then you need to add on the massive shipping these sellers add on.


If you want something portable and isolating, I would go IEM. Try Brainwavz M1 from MP4nation. Make sure you get the express shipping, they come from HK and on sale you can find them for about $40. Add a FiiO e5 to boost them massively


For full sized, traveling are not wanted really. There is a portable forum down the road from here if you want portable. But they would say Koss Portapros, which are great heapdhones, but don't isolate. Ask around for some replacement pads and they can be improved with some Senn pads. Not sure about the serial # though.


Here's my pick for you:

Find a deal online or somewhere for Sony MDR-V6. I got mine for $60 shipped. They isolate great. Have greaty overall sound but I like them best with pop/rap. Rock/jazz/classical is also great. They fold towards the headband and come with a leather carrying bag. The Cord is kinda long, but it's a coiled cord and you can hang it or wrap it around you belt (I do when I go for walks) and it works great. Don't get the MDR-V600 or whatever, they are worse.

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thanks for the input.


While I have come across the well renowned MDR-V6 in my search, I never really noticed it, possibly because the majority of the threads are from the early 2000s. Now from reading more about it, others say it is a more clear sound. While I appreciate a natural or clean sounding headphone, what Im really looking for is a lower end punch due to the majority of the music I listen to. From reading more, the superlux 681 Red fits the bill, but some say has a harsh high end without modification which I am not looking for. Also that it is a semi-open design (whatever that means).


Now maybe my search for full size (portable or non) phones is misguided and what Im looking for is most common to IEMs. Without trying at least some decent full sizes though I wont know for sure. Hence trying to keep the price down. Although the options are plentiful and widely varied in terms of user preference, I like the challenge in finding bang for your buck type deals.


From further searching ive narrowed it down these for the following reasons to the m30s (build and comfort), AKG 81dj (isolation), MEE HT-21 (portability), and Prodipe (most rounded in terms of what im looking for) bassy, no amp, comfortable, solid build. (all speculative)



As for IEMs, i just ordered some Mee M6s for working out, etc bc I currently have NO headphones ( see above  rough on headphones). But am looking more into them, considering also the M9s or Brainwavz M1. Had a pair of UE 170s which I liked but the cable noise was intolerable if you were so much as breathing and broke within a year.


Im definitely open for more opinions though

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The rx700s are definitely not portable, and I wouldn't say an amp is at all necessary for them.

You could look into some ultrasones;  I'm not a big fan of electronic/dubstep/techno/ect, but they often receive high mention for these genres.

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Ultrasones are a bit out of what im looking to spend. I have come very close to getting a pair of the rx700s just to see what all the hype is about, but they look MASSIVE. I dont want to look like im listening for interplanetary communications. 

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Well i bought the K81DJ to wear around campus and on the cycles into university. I listen to mostly electronic music, so they are quite good with a lot of bass, they dont do as well with other genres though. Another plus is that they do isolate quite well and are easily driven by my ipod classic. The downside is that they tend to hurt the ears after about 45mins to an hour of use because they clamp fairly tight, but this can be useful also because they stay firmly where they're supposed to and never slip.

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Highly recommend the ATH-SJ5 if you want good but controlled bass. They isolate well, are pretty balanced, and look good too. 


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the Samson SR850 look pretty good, but theyre semi-open i guess? and also not portable. So its either the prodipes v6s or k81dj. 

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