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Denon D2000, D5000 & D7000 stock pad mod for wider sound stage - Page 4

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Mouse pad! Why didn't I think of that?

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I'm using Denon D5000s. Tried the mod on left side and kept the right side unmodded. I couldn't discern any difference whatsoever. :(


Edit: Modded both sides now. I still think that the sound is almost the same. Maybe the bass is a tiny bit tighter and the treble is more forward.


Edit 2: I've been listening all day and I've concluded that the difference in soundstage is slight but noticable. The bass however has changed a lot. The bass hits deeper and is more impactful.

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I just finished mine (D2000)with one of my mouse pad i got it for free and Bass def improved a lot with ss I guess I'm selling my M50 which I just got it yesterday lol

Thanks a lot Dougeefresh :)

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Glad it turned out to be an improvement.

Changes are directly proportional to the thickness of the pad so one mouse pad will be less likely noticeable than 2 layers of a foam pad that I am using. I have mine at about 9mm and the soundstage change is quite large.

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Hm I might try another layer it's 5mm thick and I still have enough to make another layer(it's big lol)

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Did this mod tonight and it has definitely increased the soundstage!  I'm very happy with it.  I used three rings per pad for a total of 6mm.


Impressions the next day:
I noticed increased soundstage and sibilance on my D2000.  The 'phones seem brighter overall.  Might go down to two rings per pad and see if that helps with the sibilance, which is very prominent now.  A few songs that I'd never noticed as excessively sibilant are now much more so.


OK I've been jamming these for a few days and I went down to two rings per pad so 4mm total per pad.  Still a LITTLE more sibilant than before but manageable.  The soundstage is very good but at this point I'm having a tough time remembering the exact soundstage of the pads sans rings.  However, at 4mm I'm very happy with the overall sound changes.


Only small complaint is that before, it seemed as though the headphones just disappeared onto my head, but now clamping force is higher and it feels like I'm wearing headphones.  They're not uncomfortable by an means, just more noticeable now.  HOWEVER, before I would get a little bit of pain where the headband contacts my head when wearing them for 5+ hours but now I think the slight increase in clamping force is relieving the pressure point at the top of my head enough to actually wear them for longer sessions more comfortably.


So overall, a plus all around.

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did anyone notice weird sound staging from Denon D2000?

or is it just me, got defect one? even i doubt it since the Denon D2000 sounds good to me, just weird sound stage positioning


normally headphone with good sound stage (compare with HD650) sound stage like horizontal positioning, singer at front of you, while instrumental placed both left and side


yet my Denon D2000 sound stage like vertical positioning, singer above head, instrumental above head too but ended behind head, near neck

that's the reason why the sound like hearing from small room , where they placed the speaker above you

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Just did this to my D5K pads with a mouse mat(and used the left overs to angle pad my CALs). I used a single ring around (4mm) and then 2 more 1/3rd rings at the rear to angle them so the front was lifted by 4mm and the rear by 12mm. Quite an improvement from the stock pads. The difference in soundstage on the CALs is pretty significant as well.

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i just tried this mod too, agreed the sound stage became weird, like enabled some weird DSP

bass impact is increased, and vocal too, but sub bass nearly disappear (for me), i personally don't like this sound signature and removed the raiser

just my opinions, still appreciate ts's idea

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Just did this with a mouse pad today, and wow! Yes, noticeable change in sound!! 


Overall soundstage appears bigger, bass sounds better defined and more punchy, and the highs are still sparkly but not too much so.


In addition, mids seem better. A touch more foward. Wow!


Overall, I'm really liking it! I think it's an overall improvement and worth the half hour to experiment. Using a mouse pad made it really easy, because I didn't even need to buy anything.


Thank you for sharing Dougeefresh, boy it crazy how a little bit of extra space from your ears changes the sound!

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I think the reason I am enjoying the mod so much is that it creates a fuller seal for the pads around my ears.


Without the mod, the headphone fits loosely, not creating an airtight seal around each ear. 


With the pads "stuffed" they press more against my head, creating a tighter seal around each ear. With the better seal, bass improves, especially sub-bass!


Awesome! It's just like an iem, the better the seal, the better the bass!


Thanks again for this great mod, made one of my favorite cans even better!

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I did this mod on my D2000 and my D5000, works great,

on my D2000 : bass become more deep that i can feel it more structured (but still not be well controlled compare to the D5000)

on my D5000 : sound stage is better, I can feel the bass become warmer and spectrum than before, It is always be controlled well but I can hear it more important than. Like Twerk says, the better the seal, the better the bass. Hope i can try out the kit of pads of Lawton audio, they are so beautiful too.

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