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Eh, wireless isn't nearly as big an issue with gaming mice as it is for headphones. The amount of data being sent wirelessly for a mouse is drastically less than it is for headphones. The problem is weight of the mouse and response time, unless you get a really expensive gamer-grade wireless mouse.

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Another happy Logitech G500 user.

I'm not a gamer so I use the DPI buttons for copy and paste, the extra button between 'forward' and 'back' for search (i.e. highlight anything, anywhere, and click to search Google). This has saved me a hell of a lot of time. DPI buttons (you can have a profile that is automatically activated when using certain programs) are really handy in Photoshop and so on though.


I want to say that having a 3-year warranty is quite important for me, and a lot of Logitech products have this. I had a good Saitek mouse in the past but the clicker failed after about a year.



By the way, how have people found the battery on the Performance MX? It was bad for me, on two separate units, but reviews said it was good. I would choose a wireless G500 over a Performance MX by the way, but wirless would be really helpful for me.

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alright guys, I dug out the logitech trankman (wired) mouse we got for our dad that he never used, interesting little bugger, gonna see how well it turns out in the end


update: after about ten minutes of usage, the trackman is a very usable little gizmo, scrolling is extremely slow though even after I applied the highest possible scroll settings, turned off mouse acceleration due to old habits from gaming, have yet to run a game with the trackman

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Logitech M-BJ58. Oh yeah!! biggrin.gif



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Razer Copperhead. Simple, efficient, reliable. 

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That was one heck of a good mouse when I owned it and I gamed leftie. 

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Logitech M-BJ58. Oh yeah!! biggrin.gif




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What do you use now? And how do you like it in comparison? This thread has kind of scared me into wanting a backup mouse. That or I may just learn how to operate on my current one to keep her tip-top because I still very much enjoy it! Especially for TFC very_evil_smiley.gif

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I use a customized IME 3.0, it uses the top cover and buttons of the original IME 3.0 but optics and grip of the new version.

The mouse wheel comes from a MS optical mouse, the led glowing out the back of the mouse have been removed and I have added some pieces of tape to the thumb buttons (internally) so that they don't rattle anymore.

Lastly a little plastic knob on the internal mouse wheel assembly, has been filed down a bit, so that the wheel isn't noisy anymore, and the main cord has been swapped with a sleeved one.

So now I have a IME 3.0 without rattling buttons, noisy and dragging wheel or annoying light glowing out the back.



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I've been using my Logitech MX518 for years and still love it.

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I''ve been using a Logitech G5 (Version 1) since I upgraded from my trusty MX518. I have yet to find another mouse that can take its place on my desk. I've got the weight perfectly adjusted for my style of play, and the rubberized sides give it a great feel.

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I got the Logitech G700 a while ago and it's been working great for me. The extra side buttons haven't been as useful to me as I thought they would since I haven't been playing many games where they'd be useful. Only niggle I have with it is the battery indicator doesn't seem to be very accurate...pretty minor compared to the annoyances I've had with my razer mamba.

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I've been using a Mionix Naos 3200 since Christmas and it's excellent. I love the finish. IDK what it is but it grips nicely and cleans off easily.



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I use the Logitech G500. I'm not a hardcore gamer but I love gaming gears. They look and perform quite better than normal mice or keyboards.

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Logitec v470 in blue. It lets me take advantage of my internal bluetooth receiver in my laptop, it works well, gets decent battery life, and it looks cool in metallic blue chilling next to my blue sunburst VAIO

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Anyone with suggestions on a "silent" or "quiet" mouse--non-clicky sounding on the buttons and ratcheting on the scrollwheel.  Currently, using the MS Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 and it's one of the quieter mice on the market.  Prefer a notebook-size mouse with the rubbery texture and it should have a back button on the side.  Curious about the Nexus SM-7000B Silent Mouse though it lacks a back button and seems to have qc issues.

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