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I have to say, I love everything about my Razer. Except scrolling. It SUCKS for just general scrolling. Maybe it's a Mac/Razor thing, I don't know, but compared to my Mighty Mouse (which scrolls like a boss) and my Logitech Anywhere MX, it's rather sad how bad it is.


If it wasn't for the fact that I'd probably use it for nothing else, I'm half tempted to get one of the Apple trackpads to use for gestures and scrolling. If the day ever comes that I can figure out a logical reason to get one, I will. Until then, I'm debating just leaving my Might Mouse on my desk just to do gestures.

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A gaming mouse really does make a difference, with my el cheapo two dollar mouse, I could never get my sights onto a target playing as a sniper or scout making those classes impossible in team fortress 2, with the g500, topping the charts as either class was a breeze

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Steelseries Ikari, most comfortable mouse I have ever used.  It is light in weight, and has extremely good accurate glide on the right pad.  I would recommend it for anyone for comfort alone. 


Get a cable tie and USB hub and you have a mouse that has the feel of a wireless mouse 100%. 

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Yet another Logitech G500 user here, with a G5v1 on an older computer.


Compared to the G5v1 (single thumb button), the DPI switching buttons are far more sensibly placed, the scroll wheel is a lot better overall, and the two extra thumb buttons do come in rather handy. Unfortunately, the change to SetPoint II means I can't use uberOptions any more, so I can't remap some of the things I used to be able to.


Also, I happen to find the MX500-derived designs very comfortable and ergonomic for my usage (right-hand palm grip).

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I find it hard to believe at default windows mouse settings you could use your mouse at 3000 dpi and even hit an icon on your desktop regardless of resolution. Plenty of pros for qlive, cs:source, tf2 (etc)  publish their mouse profiles and cfgs.  I dont know a single player that would play at 3000dpi and default windows mouse settings and game settings.

Yeah, 3k dpi is a lot 0__0


From what I remember most of the upper level players were using <2.0 ingame speed (I think I used 1.15) and <1k dpi.

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I believe there's a rule that you shouldn't go beyond 1.6k, but I could be wrong.


Anyway, I'm oldschool, still using my IE 3.0 (old white version). This mouse is indestructible, had problems with scroll but fixed it and fingers spots wear off but other than that it's golden. I own it since 2004. I used to play competitive, but not anymore, not really that much interesting games for playing online to be honest.


But I saw Logitech G500 and MX518. G500 was too small for my hand, MX518 was pretty good in comfort area, but I still think IE 3.0 was comfier, but I didn't really play on Logitech so no opinion. About Razer, to be honest I mostly define their products as crap, I do think they had two good products: Razer Boomslang and Razer DeathAdder (first version). I heard that they fixed the drivers for new version of Deathadder so there might be hope.


Generally I am disappointed in what direction the companies producing mice went on. There is a mouse that has 10k DPI, I mean come on! I actually wrote this post before reading whole thread, so I decided to read the 5 pages and see what mice people here are using. I really like that Logitech company, there's no marketing ******** like with Razer or Steelseries. People really should look what sensor is inside the mouse, the same sensor that sits in Logitech/Razer you can find in 3x cheaper A4Tech, but ultimately it comes down to functionality and comfort zone. 


Perfect mouse gaming would be the housing of IE 3.0 with fixed buttons, wearing off and scroll + sensor from old Razer Deathadder... Although, I am intrigued by Steelseries Xai and Sensei.

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Yep, as good as it gets, and I'll bet my RE-ZEROS I can handily beat your asses in QuakeLive with it :D. Actually, the person with the sickest aim I have ever witnessed also uses this mouse (toxic from Sweden).
Don't drink the kool-aid fellas, gaming mice are a fad.
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Cyborg R.A.T 9. One isue is the side scroller only works in games and not windows.

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Originally Posted by c61746961 View Post

Yep, as good as it gets, and I'll bet my RE-ZEROS I can handily beat your asses in QuakeLive with it :D. Actually, the person with the sickest aim I have ever witnessed also uses this mouse (toxic from Sweden).
Don't drink the kool-aid fellas, gaming mice are a fad.

Read my first post. I also use this mouse in competitive gaming and it is by far the best.


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Oh, but this isn't the Basic Optical Mouse, it's the revered WMO 1.1 :P
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also compared to my mouse those things are no where near as comfortable as my own ;)

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Was using a G5 which was epic for 5+ years until it crapped out recently.  Got a Sidewinder X8 since I wanted to try wireless, not completely happy with it honestly.  May try getting the Razer Mamba or going back to wired.

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Just got a second Performance Mouse MX. For my desktop this time.

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I WANT the logitech g500 or 518


but I am using a wireless mouse

Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3500


Battery isnt a problem with rechargeables

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it's funny how experiences in headfi have effected me, when I was looking for a gaming mouse (settled on the g500) i never once considered wireless, thank you headfi

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