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Imo MX518 wins Xai in everything.

I liked the Xai a lot better than my MX518 to be honest. For one thing you don't have to hold the Xai a certain way. That and I like the stuff on top of the Xai way better than the shiny plastic on top of the MX518. More preference than anything else I suppose. I have used both for over a year. Right now I'm back using my IE 3.0 though.
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Steelseries have some new junk at CES.
Kanza: Somewhat ugly, and looks like it was made for small hands.
Kinzu V2 and V2 Pro: *shrug*

They also have two pair of headphones that remind me of HD25s and K701s mixed with that tacky looking material that reminds me of beats.
I don't know what it is exactly, but it is tacky in every application.

Finally, a bluetooth controller:

I think i'll use it to play Gameboy/SNES games on my iphone instead of my wiimote.
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The best combination for games is: Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 and a Qck pad.


it will not disappoint, just my opinion.

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I got tired of changing batteries in my wireless trackpad mouse, so I just tried my trusty old MX 400 with my Mac OSX 10.7 and discovered that the left button double-click will not open files! I can left click and it will select the directory that I want, but once I find a file I want to open, it won't! I have to right click on it, then select "open." The settings in the Logitech Center don't seem to help--any suggestions? Thanks.

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I own a razer mamba and a steelseries Ikari.  With good cable management the Ikari felt wireless, problem with the Ikari was the left mouse button getting stuck double or tripple clicking after a while.


The mamba is a bit too heavy, fits n your hand like a giant rock, and doesnt have the same kind of tracking in my experience.  Possible due to slightly more friction with the mouse surface.


My mouse surface has taken a beating though, decided to replace both with a 9HD and Sensei.

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Razer Deathadder.

New version with updated sensor. Had the old one and used it extensively for fast-paced FPS/MMORPG gaming for about three years until it slowly died. The left-click button started failing. I just had to have the same mouse as I'd gotten so used to it, so it's nice they made a new version with the same shape and size but a better sensor.

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I've been using my Logitech Anywhere MX mouse for more than over a year. SO far working wellbigsmile_face.gif


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For me I use Razer Deathadder. I have big hands and its very comfortable for gaming as well as casual use.

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The sensei and 9hd pad are amazing, its slick but grippy.  The mouse itself is extremely responsive without regard to CPI/DPI, and its hardware macro system is way better than what was on the Ikari.  I can finally properly bind left ctrl.


Its shape is fairly standard but, in a good way.  Fits in my hand almost like a glove, the ikaris ergonomics were better though for right hand.  But this one is ambidextrous by default, find it more comfortable with left hand but most games use right handed keyboard setups.

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I am loving my Sensei with 4HD (smaller 9HD). I have swapped my click button in windows, but it have auto profile switching when it is in games, good for my fingers.
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love my new logitech performance MX(had the previous version but battery messed up the mouse badly, thanks to their 3 years warranty)

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just ordered a g500, my wireless laptop mouse is not cutting it for serious computing/gaming

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My SteelSeries Xai is dying on me after 2 years or so of extensive use. 


I'm currently considering the SteelSeries Sensei (fnatic edition - sexy). Anything else I ought to consider?

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I'm carrying this over from the "Latest Significant Purchase" thread.


I just recently built a new i5 PC gaming rig and finally decided to cave in and by a replacement mouse for my M-BJ58 which is still in working order. Why? I don't know, but I am! Anyways, I bought the Logitech G9x and really like the mouse. One small problem, which can become a large problem if you game, is that the middle mouse button is awful. It scrolls fine, but the actual clicking down of the button is seriously gimped. I don't know what Logitech was thinking? So, I am RMAing the mouse back to Newegg for a small restocking fee and I am replacing it with something else.


So far, I am really only looking at one mouse: Razer DeathAdder. It seems to have a very similar shape to my M-BJ58 and the scroll wheel button looks like it will respond easily. Can any DeathAdder owners confirm this? Does anyone else have any suggestions? I'm not looking for something expensive, fancy, LED'd out, or overly large. I have a claw grip and for tracking reasons, will not be getting the G500. Thanks for any input biggrin.gif

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Maybe I'm a logitech fanboy but I've owned the following in order:





and now the G700.


I think the G700 is my favorite of them all since it's super comfortable.  I honestly don't even game that much anymore but I love the look and ergonomics of the logitechs.


I also use a icemat for my mousepad which is entirely made out of glass.  I believe the company changed it's name to steelseries but they still sell the same exact mousepad.  It's been going strong for 4+ years so far.

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