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RS2i re-cable (and refinish)

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Tonight I conceded to the fact that I wasn't going to get the amount of money I really wanted for my RS2i's in the FS forums... so I took them back out of their box, pulled the bowls off them and was considering a re-cabe and refinish project on them. (the poor finish really drives me nuts). I notice that the glue was ever so slightly pulled away from one of the drivers, so I gently push in on the driver and all of the glue snaps free blink.gif... so I try the same on the other driver and the same thing happens bigsmile_face.gif... Reluctantly I start to pull and prod at the glue with my fingernails, and it starts pulling out around the driver like a string. I'm thinking this is WAY too good to be true! (I've seen the butchered RS series Grados on this forums over the years). 


I suppose I'm one of the luckiest Grado RS owners EVER!! 20 minutes later, they are both apart and with ZERO damage




Now, the questions begin....


What should I re-cable them with that won't degrade their overall performance?

Any advice from other successful refinishing of Grado cups?

I REALLY want to re-paint the grills since they are missing black paint in a few places.

Do I risk any of the other "Billa mods" on such expensive headphones? (I wish they had a tad more bass punch)


Thanks in advance for any advice.  -Mark

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I've been modding my Grado SR80i for a while (thinking of a total remodel and leave the drivers alone)


Did you ask the forums if you wanted a recable or replacement before? I think I told you to recable.





Any good cable would do. It won't degrade the cups at all. I've tested silver vesus copped on KSC75 before and nothing was different. But if you do get a cheap cable, it would make a difference


I'm gonna butcher this, Canare Star Quad cable. About the 20 awg for good measure. there is 4 wires in each line and find it at Marketek by the foot around $0.30 a foot. Which is you buy 15 feet of it (best size for recable, some to work with) it comes out to ~$5 plus $10 shipping. So $15 for 15 feet


The get some braided wire sleeving, heatshrink and plugs that all match. I would go black or clear.


Soldering iron, thin solder, desoldering braid, zip ties and adapter.


That's about $50-70 shipped



Make sure you desolder well and lightly pull the wire ends off the dirvers. Not too much heat and use the desoldering braind


Don't refinish your cups, you could put more stain on one side and ruin the wood sound.


Make new grills, just look around Homedepot for fencing and such.



Btw, glue doesn't stick to wood as well as to plastic. I have to boil my cups to get the glue to come off. And sit there with tweezers to collect the glue for like an hour.


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