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Stupid Question

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Should i get Monster Turbine Pro Golds or Beats Studios? Best sound quality and what will last longer?

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The people here on head-fi would strongly recommend that you go with something else entirely. Monster is not very well received on this website because of their poor value. For less money you can have headphones that sound better. The beats are also known to break sorta easily. I'm not sure about the turbines, heard they weren't that bad, but for a full sized headphone many would recommend the Ultrasone HFI-580. 

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How did you manage to narrow down a decision between a pair of circumaural cans and a pair of IEMs?  I would recommend doing more research into what you actually want.


if for whatever reason it does boil down to a choice strictly between these two: I'd tell you to go with the turbines.

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Umm...if you have a Monster gift card or something, I'd pick the Golds, but (and I say this as an owner of the Golds and the Coppers) you can do better than that otherwise if you're paying retail. What's your criteria?

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rap gangster rap hip hop dubstep. i want some good looking cans thats arent sound leaking that are good sound qaulity?

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about 400 dollars of £250 to spend

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