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For Sale: matrix amp sale sold

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For Sale:
matrix amp sale sold

Cond. 9/10 no dents, chips, scuffs or scratches I can see. Sonically, functionally, perfect, low hrs power cord inc no original box but will 2x box Will money back  guarantee not DOA and as described not going to disappoint any headfi member. I respect the hobby and the people in it. This Amp sells for $270.00 new. IMO this is a great overacheiver sounding much better then other amps at this price point, a very resolving amp, great synergy with the AKG 701. Reason for selling : upgraded to orthos. If interested in the AKG 701, also in great shape, low hrs (8/10) will sell package for $350.00 +$15.00 usps priorty mail shp pay pal Pics of these are available here, ebay, google but if you really need pics I will email some. My ebay feed back (cookiejon) 100% + Thanks for looking John,  NYC  / S.F. N.M

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PM sent



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close if sold

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