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☆Event contentDUNU DN-12 Trident half-price testing review event.

   1. Trident Original price $ 50, Now with this event you can get a new pair of Trident for only $ 25.
   2. We will choose 10 entrants from Head FI to provide half price
review chance

   3.Then we will choose 3 lucky winners with best reviews from 10 

      entrant in this event,the prize for each winner is “DUNU DN-16 Hephaesworth $112.




Check what Jant71 say about Trident and Hephaes


☆Event time

   1. Registration time                       :  6/16~ 6/30

   2. Half-price testing roll announce :   7/4

   3. Best three Review announce      :   8/1



   1. Head FIi member registered before 2010 January.
   2. Post at least 1 original earphones review at Head FI 
updated 6/17


☆Registration method: Please reply with the form.


   1. Head FI – ID:

   2. Location:

   3. Earphones own:

   4. Review links. (required At least 1 review links at Head Fi)

       (you can put other reviews link you have too, like at other forum or at you blog

        ; With more high quality reviews will increase your chance.)




   1. We will handle activities sample and gift’s postage 


   2. We will announce qualified entrant list on 7/4. Qualified entrants need to

       send a pm to dunu-topsound on Head Fi  to let us know your ebay account,    

       tel, address, and recipient name. It's ID check only and for smooth delivery. 

       Then you just need to make a $25 offer on appointed eBay link.


   3. Reviewers are required to post your review at Head Fi and reply the  

       review link in this thread to inform DUNU before 7/25.



Details updated.






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