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hey guys thanks for all the great , honest and informative reviews I've found on this site.


Although I've tried searching for several of the models I'm considering for IEM's, I have not been able to chose which way to go.


my equipment demands are excellent isolation, reproduction of treble, clarity of treble at high volume and clarity and definition of mid and bass. I will be using thiese while drumming live and recording and also at home practicing. it is important to be able to hear subtle details such as grace and ghost notes, while avoiding any focus on one tonal range.


the models I've come up with so far have been the,


UE 500's,

Weston 1's


or anything in this price range ( $50-150)


are their any IEM's you could recommend that would fit the bill?


I do not need in line controls are anything fancy besides the sound and isolation to be as good as they can for the price!

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