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Looking for flat sound, inbetween ie8 and se535

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I have both, i listened to ie8 and was bothered by too much bass, than i bought se535 after i have listened couple of songs on them and i was amazed by mid range which i love very much ... but after couple of hours i have noticed bass lack ... 


Now i cant go back to ie8 because they sound not as bright and detailed and punchy as 535, bu than again i cant listen to this because i listen to lot of electronic music and i would like a bit more bass to the sound ...i dont even think that this is flat sound that is coming out ...


Any suggestions? Clarity of 535 with more bass (but not as much as ie8), what would that be?


IE8 lost that too much bass sound after burn in, but still thet have a little bit too much bass ... 


Listening to acoustic music on 535 i simply amaizing tho ... Its like im in the room with performer with my ear in front of the instrumnt, maybe even better lol :)

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If you want to try something fairly neutral and flat, you should give the GR07 a try.  It should hopefully have enough bass and none of the frequencies are boosted, and it has enough low-end bass and high-end sparkle to work with pretty much music.  Not to mention it's only about $150, so you should give it a go if you feel so inclined.  A few new reviews have popped up lately, you should check all of them out.

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I've only heard the IE8s and 535s briefly. But I would throw Westone 4s into the ring. They certainly have bass (clean and defined- not boomy) and they have really good warm mids. I wouldn't call them forward or the best i've heard, but still very good. JMHO. Next opinion...
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So when it comes to flat, theese are my choices: 




Westone 4s


Anything else?


Would anybody wanted to trade any of these for shure or sennheiser?



Another thing i thought about is that shure is intendend for stage monitoring, where levels are realy high, if i turn them up to high level bass becomes louder because of the ear frequency response, so i guess at high levels they are flat, but i listen to music not so loud, and at those levels, bass is lacking ...


So, how are theese other earphones for low level listening?

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You can only really listen to the GR07 at low levels.  If you turn it too high it becomes rather unpleasantly bright and sibilant.  But at lower levels it sometimes doesn't have the detail levels you might want...so it can be hard to find the right volume.

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Originally Posted by lksndr View Post

So when it comes to flat, theese are my choices: 




Westone 4s


Anything else?


Instead of Ck10 I'd recommend  DBA02 which are better in my opinion and about 150USD cheaper too. (better in terms of price factor)

Also another contender is Radius W#21

Never heard Gr07  but there is a thread comparing these two above.



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Lets say i dont care for price factor right now, meaning that i already have spent 800+ usd on these two earphones and i am not happy with none of them, so everything that falls into price range of selling these two and buying something that will make me happy is fine with me.


Now there is an opinion that ck10 is watery, i suppose that my IE8 has better mids that ck10, so if i can hear that veil on IE8 (after listening to SE535), than i suppose ck10 wont do the job for me?


Im just lacking bass on 535, im fine with its mids, but now hi end is a bit irritating also on 535, but thats probably because the lack of bass ...


So should i go for westone 4s?


Its not just that it has to be flat, it cant have that veil, or watery mids or call it however u want ...It doesent need to have mids as present as on 535, but it has to have more presence/less veil than IE8.


From that gigantic thread with comparison, more expensive earphones have better grades when it comes to sound, so if price is not important right now, than go for the westone 4s???


Please somebody who have heard all of these or at least two of them (535+4s / IE8+4s), any opinions?



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I still can't help but to think that the W4s would be a good bet.  But really since everyone's ear canal and hearing are different, I really hate to see you throw (LOTS) of good money after bad chasing something.  Maybe you could order from Amazon or B&H since they seem to accept returns for these items minus shipping.  I got mine from Earphone Solutions who are great; but they will charge you 15% restocking.  Amazon (at least the affiliate I saw selling the W4s) will only make you pay for return shipping- same thing with B&H.



BTW, I'm assuming you are in the U.S.  Also, since you seem to be pretty close with the Shures, have you considered EQ or an amp that has one?  Just another option.

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I work in US, ill be back in US in two months from now ... 


Im readingjust now 535 vs w3 thread, and it seams that w3 is more fun, i suppose w4 is even better ... I did not considered amps and eq, i tried eq from winamp and ipod, but its hard to add something that is not there, an those eq are not ver precise ... I put winamp eq on =9dB @70 hz, and +4 db @130 hz, and it has more bass, but its stll not fun to listen, it is to analytical for me i think ... 


I am also thinking of bying some fairly cheap IEMs, and bying full size cans instead of spending money on expensive IEMs ... HD600 lets say ... too much choices :)

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