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post #31 of 46 is Marc's silicon impression business

Livewires is owned by some guy in CA and now run by Marc, but he did not engineer the Livewires sound

Marc decided to make his own customs under a new company, Alclair, which is his own company.  Alclair is in the beginning stages and many things are still being decided such as final driver tuning, pricing, website, etc.


Since Livewires is not Marc's own business, he decided to start Alclair with products that are tuned differently.


If they have cleaned up their customer service for Livewires and Alclair can make some great products (with good CS) it shall be another interesting addition.

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^ That clarifies a lot. Thank you.
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I read the threads and that put me off from ordering. First one I read I think Livewires wasn't to blame, something about slow releasing from the receiving country's postal service. Then some of them later on had people not getting their units, but apparently it was the cable manufacturer's fault, etc etc...too many shenanigans. Although until now I like the design because of the practicality of having that plate and a cable terminal that swivels. I was hoping to get one if they still had those features and if the feedback on turn around time and fit turn out well.

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Livewires still manufactures just like their website details. 


It's just that the operator of that company (Marc) started his own company so he could have the freedom to make whatever he wanted without having to ask the owner permission.

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Originally Posted by average_joe View Post



post #36 of 46 site is not 100% complete but I made contact with Marc and Amy ( or rather Amy who put me to Marc ) and

it was great experience. Give them a chance if you can.

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Nearly a year later, i just wanted to stop in and say these sound fantastic!  They are much less muddy than the ES3X that I tried, and are very nice for on stage.  They've got a punch that is so satisfying and the highs are so crispy!

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Alclair makes good products, at least I can vouch for the Reference Master I reviewed, which is very good!

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Amy just helped me with my order for a pair of Alclair Reference IEM's.  Looking forward to seeing how these compare to my Westone 4's.



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I'm confused. I had a poor experience with "livewires" some years ago. There were two "livewires" at the time, i dealt with the one located in CA. One of the worst consumer experiences I have ever had.


Which one is this then?

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Livewires had customer service issues due to the lab they were using not fulfilling their orders, so the owners of Livewires (the one that retained the name which is in CA) hired Marc to make the monitors.  Marc decided to start his own company, Alclair.  Your poor experience was due to the Livewires in CA, which is hands off on Livewires these days as Marc runs everything from what I understand, and he is guilty by association due to the name and reputation.  Ultimately, it is your choice what company you choose as there are plenty out there.

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Received my Alclair reference iem's in June.  After three uses, the vinyl sleeve that molds the wire around the ear detached from the left monitor.  Also had fit issues / pain from some rough patches that had not been smoothed out where the ports had been cut out.  Sent back to Amy, received the replacements last week.  The replacements fit perfectly and have no unfinished / rough areas.  The durability of the vinyl pieces still concern me, but so far so good.  Overall I have not been blown away, but the Alclairs are very detailed and offer a slightly larger soundstage than my Westone 4's.  More amazed at how good the Westones are for non-customs.  The Alclairs are about twice the size and have one fewer armature.  Still evaluating sound...

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ordered my reference monitors yesterday, amy's been great at responding to emails and questions. Lets see how it goes.

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ALCLAIR is now on ALCLAIR......for some neat and enjoyable pictures of products. Variety of colors and sound for in-ear monitors and the designs available.They say turn around of 14 days is norm.

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