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No, not the Alpacas.  The brand new start up high-end brand from Livewire operators Matrics USA.  It's there, and i've just ordered a pair.  Hehehe, rhyming!

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Actually, in view of the COMPLETE lack of interest of a new custom IEM manufacturer i think i'll keep everything to myself. 

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No please share! is the website not up yet?

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It's only a splash image right now directing you to their facebook and twitter walls.  I ordered the rainbow in the left ear and green shell/translucent purple faceplate for the right.  Overall, they look beautiful.  I should have them in about 2 weeks.


Oh, forgot to mention: $400 for a triple driver setup.  Low, Low-Mid, High.  Marc says he went this way for better clarity at higher decibles, but says he tuned them to be flat and incredibly responsive.

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Bump to keep it on top.

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A splash image of a logo is hard to discuss, and please don't bump thread.

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If a splash image isn't enough to go on then here are the lab's pictures of my finished product.  They look identical to what i described i wanted to Marc and Amy. 


Green/Maroon right ear, Blue/Red left ear.  They threw in a set of custom silicone shooter's plugs as well.  All in all, Marc and his crew really impressed me.


Link to picture here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=170084959725283&set=pu.117666451633801&type=1&theater

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For those of you who are still interested (i've noticed quite a few views already), i'm t-minus 1 days until my Alclairs are due to arrive. 



Would anyone like a meager impression once i get the chance to listen to them for personal music, and then again for stage use?


I'll have both types of impressions by the weekend...

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Well they sound great, not that anyone cares.

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It's sort of hard to get excited about a company with so little information, no website, etc. It's not even clear how you'd order from them.
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I think part of the problem is that it's Livewires, a company with a terrible reputation. People have actually refused to do reviews for them because giving Livewires business (and new customers getting horrible service) isn't something they wanted to encourage.


So, I think that's part of the issue.

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Probably, and it's a shame.  These rival the ES3X that i just recently got to try.  And the customer service was outstanding.

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Originally Posted by joshuamercer View Post

Probably, and it's a shame.  These rival the ES3X that i just recently got to try.  And the customer service was outstanding.

Did you actually try the full custom version of the ES3X made by Westone themselves and not a reshell or a demo unit? If so, where did you write about your ES3X impressions?


It's rather odd to have a (new) member try customs from a completely unknown company that has no feedback, and specially if said company is "the brand new start up high-end brand from Livewire operators Matrics USA" - Livewires has a pretty bad reputation.


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I tried the ES3X demo unit, but (as even discussed on here) the differences between that and a full custom are negligable.  At least in my opinion, if you're getting a good seal then the sound is reaching your ear drums fairly accurately. 


As for it being odd, sure.  I had initially selected Livewires after having my fears assuaged when talking with Marc and Amy (the new operators of Livewires), and upon speaking with him he suggested his new brand that he hasn't debuted when i mentioned that i wasn't crazy about those Frankenstein's Monster bolts on the side of the orginal LW sets. 


The only reason i mentioned that it's the new High-end brand is because Marc actually used those words.  Whether or not you'd notice a difference in quality between Alclair and LW remains to be seen in this generation of LW products.  All i know, man, is that i experienced the kind of customer support experience i personally require before pulling the trigger on a custom product.  I feel totally comfortable in saying that people will have a great experience with the new operators of LW when they call for more information or for orders. 

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Why don't they have more of a web presence? I'm all in favor of new companies, but this is like vaporware.
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