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Sansa, Nationite, or Cowon digital audio player?

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The headphone jack in my Sansa Fuze is basically caput (and the power button is on its way out), so I think I'm going to buy a new digital audio player. I like the Sansa and can buy another refurbed one for pretty cheap, but I'm kind of PO'd at the shoddy construction. I've only had it for about 3 years.


Anyone here have any experience with the Nationite N2? It seems fairly comparable to the Fuze, so I'm wondering if there is anyone that has heard one of these that can compare it to the Fuze.


I want something that sounds quite good (and better than the ipod), comes stock with at least 8GB of memory, has a microSDHC slot for expandable memory (I have a 32gb microSDHC card), plays tons of types of files (inc. FLAC, WAV, etc.), and is relatively inexpensive.


I'd prefer to pay under $100, so it seems like the Sansa Fuze and the Nationite N2 are my best options. I guess I would consider paying up to $150, so that's where the Nationite S:Flo2 and the Cowon C2/D2 would enter the picture. But if I pay that high of a price, the player would have to be both VERY durable and non-cumbersome. And by durable, I mean that it would last at least 10 years (since if it's three times the price of the Fuze, it better last three times as long) and would be resilient against the elements and the occasional drop. I will use the player while at the gym and while biking, so I can't justify spending a ton of cash on something that will be highly susceptible to breaking. (I have to say that if it weren't for the poor headphone jack and power button, the Sansa has been pretty durable in other regards.) As great as I know the HifiMans and some of the higher end Cowons are supposed to be, those are out of the question given my price range.


I've had a good experience so far with the Brainwavz headphones, so I'm kind of interested in the Nationite stuff (since they are both re-brands from MP4Nation.net).

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If I were you, I'd buy another Fuze for cheap and use it for a another 3 years. I bought a cowon J3 and although I love it, I regret not just buying the Fuze for 1/4 of the price. Btw most people seem to say the refurbished are like new...

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Thanks, Muad.


So, would you say that the Cowon J3 and the Fuze are pretty close in terms of sound quality?

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FWIW - I was looking into getting a Nationite S:Flo2 and found a couple of reviews on here. Apparently the SQ is very good but it suffers from a terrible UI. Hopefully a software update can fix it.

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