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Just bought my first pair of real cans!

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Hey guys! I'm kinda new here and wanted to blurt this out


I registered a while back while lurking but decided to share my eye-opening experience after buying a pair of real cans!


I've owned a pair of MDR7506s for a while and definitely enjoyed them. Soon after I started discovering .flac and other sorts of loss-less formats. I picked up a pair of M-Audio BX5a monitors which made me put those Sony cans on the shelf because they were that much better.


Then I got a pair of Grado SR125i.  WOW.


They're so direct and amazing! The balance and mid range blew my mind. I've been rediscovering my entire music library. Such a joy to listen with! It's true, they really do let you hear nuances you've never heard before, even in compressed formats. The mid range actually EXISTS unlike the Sony cans which seems to completely blanket out some frequencies entirely. I've heard the MDR V6 drivers Sony offers are a bit better than the V7s, though (I don't think I'll be touching Sony again though.)


Yep, I've been bitten by the hifi bug! I've heard Sennheisers are even better for sound stage and vocals, so I think my next pair when I actually get the cash will be a set of HD600s. Or can anyone else recommend something better? Nothing gives me goosebumps like a woman's voice!


Just figured I'd share this! lol

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Get some HD-598


 I love my Grados, and my Sony's and I just ordered a pair. They say they have better grado sound priced at $500 but then you can get tehm if you call up JR for $179

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My friend is looking for cans, I suggested to him some of the models in the lower Grado lines for starters. He wanted a lot of bass (=.=), so I suggested to him Sony MDR XB 500/700.


Congrats on your 125i !!! I had the same feel when I got my SR60i a couple of years ago, threw away mp3s, reencoded FLACs, rediscovering music. gs1000.gif.

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Once you buy Audeze LCD2 you will not need to keep purchasing other headphones. :)


Just skip the mid range headphones, try lcd2.

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