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MTPC problem

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Weird thing happened today, I was listening to music on the coppers and the right earphone stopped producing lows. The left was fine but the midbass/bass on the right side was non-existant. For those with the coppers, does this happen often? Anyone know why it did that out of nowhere, maybe a common problem? I've only had them for a few days and purchased from Amazon so they're definitely not fake. Just confused how that happened, any input would be appreciated.

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I've had this problem before too.  Check if the casing is loose.  The earpiece is made of two pieces of metal casing.  This happened to me as well where maybe a week or two after I got my MTPC the casing came loose between the two pieces on my left speakers and then the sound became imbalanced.  If this is the case you'll have to get those replaced :/

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The casing was intact and I didn't see anything wrong with any part of the wires either. All I did was pause the music then the right side stopped working when I played the music again. I was pretty disappointed but a replacement is on the way. biggrin.gif

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On the plus side they'll send you a whole new box so instead of having a nearly infinite number of tip choices, you'll have an even more infinite supply of tips!  etysmile.gif

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I went through Amazon so I had to return the defective one, but I did order more of the foam supertips. dt880smile.png

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Could have just been driver flex.  Did you ever try to jiggle them a bit in your ears?  Sometimes that will fix the issue.  Turbines are notorious for Driver Flex.

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Yes I tried that with no luck. I just got my replacements, hopefully these won't have the same issue or I'll invest on a different set of IEMs.

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So, after a day I noticed lots of driver flex on the left side. I took a look and the silver part of the housing was loose. I'm getting another replacement but does anybody have the mtpc without any issues? This is getting annoying.

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