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Got some ety hf5s!

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Lovin em so far. Two things, do they need burn in and do they soundd better with comply tips
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They do not need burn-in because they are BA (balanced-armature drivers never need burn-in.) Burn-in is still a theory after all, even with dynamic drivers...


I cannot comment on the Comply tips for the Ety's as I never used them on my er6i, but from my past experience with various IEMs using the Comply tips, I can tell you that with those IEMs (IE8, MTPC, TF10, MD Tribute, etc.) they did muddy up the sound of each IEM to a certain degree. The IE8 were the most affected by the Comply's, but the least affected were the TF10, so there are mixed results I guess. *shrugs*


Long story short, Comply's will never make an IEM "sound better." If anything they will improve the seal you get with your IEM; at worst they actually degrade the SQ.

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Nice thanks..



I got used to the triple flanges so it sounds wonderful.


Finally found the ones!!


Went from 


iBeats --> Klipsch S4 --> RE0 ==> HF3 --> Shure SE215 --> Rezero --> HF5





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