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Denon AH-C710 or Ultimate Ears700?

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I had originally decided to go for the Panasonic RP-HJE900, however as it turns out it's a real hassle getting a hold of them from/in Norway, and given the extra warranty rights I'm given by buying the buds here (not to mention ease to deal with stores if something should be wrong), I've decided to go for either the Denon's or the UE's.


I read through both review/appreciation threads, but there are a few things I feel I still need to ask.

Is the bass REALLY that excessive in the Denon's and that subdued in the UE's?


The reason I'm asking is because while I do listen mostly to rock music, it's not unheard of that I put on pop and dance-ish music. Nothing like hard trance, and no rap, but I'd still like a nice all-rounder.



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I'm gonna include the post I made in another thread, because it provides a little more information;


Hi, to those of you that have the UE700, I am seriously considering these.

I listen to music such as Marilyn Manson, Shakira, Kent, The Killers, Lady Gaga, Robyn, Nirvana, Misfits, MGMT, Daft Punk, The cardigans etc. While I do occasionally put on something like I like it by Enrique Iglesias, it's not often. So as you can see I listen to a wide array of music types, but not really bass-driven music, imo at least.


Will they fit that sort of music well?


I'm coming from Sennheiser CX300-II, for reference.

Also considering Denon AH-C710, but from what I read they're not so good for rock, and they've got veru heavy bass.

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id sooner take the denons, yes they are bass monstors but so are the senns you have just now.  the UE700 will be vastly different to your ears

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Thanks for your reply! ^^


Could you elaborate though? Thing is, I don't listen to a lot of bass-driven music, and the sennheiser's bass was more of an irritation rather than a positive imo. Also, I use equalizers quite extensively if that would make any difference?

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well i dont really like the ue700, its rather bass light and ear stabby sibilant.  the denon which im also nat big on is a big brash exciting IEM.  it can do bass, the ue700 doesnt really

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You should get the Denon C751, I find that it's better then the C710, more balanced and better trebles.  The C710 is overly bassy and the cable feel cheap and mine broke within in a month.

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I'm getting either UE 700 or Denon AH-C710. The other ones aren't available in Norway, and while I could probably get them from amazon, I have much more consumer rights and warranty if I buy in Norway. ;-)


I'm gonna buy on monday, but haven't decided yet! So appreciate any input! =D

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I dont think the denons are bass monsters at least not boomy, and Im listening to rock (London Calling) on them right now and they sound very good but its pretty easy to say TF10>C710. But I will say the cable is the worst in the history of modern cable making society, its way too short for anything without the extension it comes with but then its too long with the extension. And it feels like if you look at wrong it will tear because it is so thin. But like any HP/IEM if you take care of them they will last forever, mine are 1.5 years old with regular usage and they look, sound, and feel just as good as new. But I will say when I got them I wasnt that impressed and surprised as to how much they cost retail since I got them spur of the moment at around 70% off at a clearance. I def wouldnt have paid full price, since at that price range there are a bunch of good IEMs that many on headfi rank higher.

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