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A little bit unsettled. Had to have the Constable (law enforcement officer in Arizona) out this morning to forcibly evict a bad tenant who hadn't paid rent.

The tenant broke a window and left behind a bunch of stuff outside, in a common area. Included in the stuff was packaging for a sex toy (left quite openly) as well as a bunch of personal stuff from her kids. Drawings, clothing, and similar. Then quite a bit of furniture and other valuables. All left outside. Bizarre. The Salvation Army will get the usable stuff, the rest goes into the dumpster tomorrow. She's nuts, so I'm a little worried about the reaction to dumping her stuff. Then again, the Court gave her five days to leave. I gave her three extra days to clear out. My gut says I'll probably have to call the police to sort things out. And I carry a concealed 1911 down here (legally) in case things get weird before the police arrive. frown.gif Hopefully, it'll all work out OK.

Dilpal, no need to apologize. smily_headphones1.gif That is one of my favorite Mai Tai pics. Mai Tai has been increasingly difficult to photograph. She usually wraps herself around my ankles before I can get a pic. Mai Tai always heads straight for me - she wants pets and bellyrubs. She does the same to everyone else. I swear, Mai Tai is the the most loved pet - ever - in my family. We've had quite a few, but Mai Tai just is special. Sort of like an obsessed ex-girlfriend, but furry, earnest and endearing.
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I spent the whole night working...now i have to go home and sleep, im hungry too. 

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