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How do you feel now?

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sad, great, melancholic, or just happy, tell us.

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Sleepy, angry and annoyed.


Probably I should go ranting to the Complains thread. mad.gif

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Cool as the other side of the pillow.
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mediocre as always

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Originally Posted by Achmedisdead View Post


LMAO, im feeling well... normal


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I'm very tired and disconnected from reality.

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About the same.

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I feel like meh. 

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It's 85° F at midnight and I'm on a nice patio with a cold one.

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Lazy. Been sleeping to much lately...

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Cool, been up since 8:30am listening to some Miles Davis and drinkin' my coffee. Got a cake shift at work coming up (only 5 hours today) and the whole afternoon off after that.


I didn't think I'd be in this good a mood this morning at 3am last night when I was still up, but I guess that's Miles for you.

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Tired after 6 hours of travelling in bus.
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