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For Sale: FS: HE-6

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For Sale:
FS: HE-6

Will Ship To: USA/CAN

Hi All,


HE-6 for sale. Near flawless condition, barely used (under 50 hours). Complete will extra pad, adapter, and box.


Shipping is included to US/CAN, but paypal fees are extra if payment is not sent as a gift.


I will get photos up soon.


Thanks for the interest and buy with confidence!


100$ PRICE DROP! Barely used, excellent headphones.



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I know the photos are not up yet (hopefully by tonight) but I am surprised there has been 0 interest in such a highly regarded headphone. :/

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That's a bargain man!


I'm sure once you have photo's this will sell pretty fast.

Really good price

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Great headphone and Alex is a trust worthy headflier.Shocked its still here. If you wanted one now the time to get one with low hours.

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Thanks for the kudos Frank!


I have had these for a while guys (3 months? will check paypal later), but seriously have barely 50 hrs on them.


I just personally didn't like the 10khz spike some people really like on the T1, it upset me more than the 6khz spike on the HD 800... Just didn't want to sell them because other than that they are a well made, great sounding headphone - they sound just a few hairs better than the HD800 and are most certainly on par with the LCD-2 (again, my ears, I love the planar sound)... I just happen to be lucky enough to be picky and I have chosen the LCD-2 and HD 800. I'd be selling the HD 800 too if the LCD-2 weren't so darned hot and heavy (in terms of using them for gaming and etc).


Check the HE-6 thread too, haven't been many posts by me there which is not usually the case for a new headphone.


Been busy and my mobo failed in my main computer which is why the photos took a while to get up... but they are in the original shipping box ready to go!


I can't accept any trades but send a reasonable offer my way and I will consider it but considering the hours, condition, and current retail I think the asking price is fair.


If people want other photos, or have specific questions feel free to PM or ask here.


My ebay feedback is under Sup3rM4ri0 and is flawless. Check the archived sales stuff too... always had a great experience here be it shipping or selling. Hoping to find a good home and happy ears for these mint puppies.





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PMs replied too.


Again if people feel there is a lack of transparency ask me any questions, or for more photos and I will do my best to provide it.


As far as the receipt I am not sure I have the original custom forms and stuff like that anymore (I do think so, looking for it). But I do have the paypal invoice which should be more than enough to honour the warranty exchange. I will contact Fang with regards to this important question.


Thanks for the interest people!

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Still up for sale!


Been super busy this summer but as soon as I have legitimate interest they will be out the door!


They have been ready and waiting for some time so the low hour count still applies.


No low balls please but I will consider any location.

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I've had a few low balls but do send any offers my way and I will consider them but I'd like to get the asking price or close.


Let's find these puppies a home!

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Pms replied to

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Sale pending, thanks for all the interest so far.

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Thanks to all who were interested.

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