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How much is the '925 in the US then?

(works out as $215 in the UK)
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lol, uhh, my sides are aching from laughing so hard!!!
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lol... it is kinda funny, but... as in the now semi-infamous A44 thread in the Headphone Reviews section, we've now decided that everyone has different hearing ability due to shape of ear canals and other such things... so... you never know?!?
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lol, Yup, Duncan!!
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In US i think 200 $$ Odly, though, they don't seem to have 'em at sony style??? Weird. They carry the worse looking 825 but not 925.....???????........
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Originally posted by Duncan
That all combined works out at about £2300 (when new)
Or, for the Americans among us $3250
Or, for European peeps €3000

Don't you mean €3.769,26 ?

Your math doesn't add up...

My stereo (Naturally this is in my profile too):

Denon DRA-585RD reciever, Dali 104 speakers (Tara Labs Prism Omni speaker cable), Denon DCD-735 CD-player


Philips SBC HP890, Philips SBC HP110
One of them don't get much use... take a guess
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Originally posted by Mumrik

Don't you mean €3.769,26 ?

Your math doesn't add up...

Erm, it does... with the exchange rate that I saw on the news today
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whoa, welcome tracy. if you don't mind me saying so, you're a babe!

i''m a little self conscious about telling you about my equipment now!

i'm a mostly portable guy with a d-777 discman or sony mx-r70 mdr usually with sony v6 or etymotics er6 plugged in. at home i like to use my sony cd1700 cans with my d-777 pcdp.
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Sole source at the moment is a PJB100 w/ a 40GB hard disk.

Amps are a Corda Headamp at home and a Porta Corda for the office.

I also use a Corda Analoguer at home.

Headphones are currently AKG K501, Koss Portapros, Koss KSC-50s, and Sony MDR-7506. I use the 501s at home and haven't had them to the office yet though they would be perfect there. The Koss Portapros hurt my ears after an hour so I don't use them too much. I have pairs of the 50s *everywhere* just in case I forget headphones. And, finally, the 7506 belong to my girlfriend but I get to use them for comparison on occasion.

I have HD600s with a Clou Red on the way to me.

Next item is an OTL MG Head amp followed by Ety ER4Ps. After that I'll probably start focusing on higher-resolution sources like an SACD and/or DVD-A player.
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Originally posted by panoz777

dont laugh....No joke... they acutally SOUNDS good!
Is it April Fools Day already????
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Thread Starter 
as an audiophile, i spend over $100 on my system. i have the new iriver imp-350 slimx hook up to my amp a boostroo ($30 at rat shack) and my fav headphone is a sony mdr-v600 ($129 at C.C... its NOT the cheapo $80 v6)

dats a SAD portable rig.. dude [no offense]
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Hmm, just my D777 and E888s come in at £380 ($540)

But, its not all about money... think about that Optimus 3400 PCDP that people are still raving about and that only cost $40
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Okay, you asked for what my headphone sys is...

Mine now consists of two PCDPs (Panny CT470 and Sony EJ721) with my preferred five headphones and earbuds:

Grado SR-80
Senn HD590
Senn MX500
Sony E837
Sony E888LP

And I seldom use most of the other headphones listed in my profile these days; I don't need much isolation, as I am likely to be moving (walking) while listening to music. And I am currently not using my home system at all for headphone listening - only for loudspeaker listening.
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hey tracy!

at home: sony v6

at work and school: koss ksc-35/50 and sometimes koss sporta-pro

source: mp3 player and sometimes cd player
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For daily commuting/school/misc, I use Sennheiser HD580 through Headroom Supreme portable amp from line out of my Panasonic SL S261C portable CD player, I don't use MD or mp3 players.
For home use, I listen using Sennheiser HD600 through Antique Sound Lab MG Head DT tube amp from the line out on Terratec EWS88 MT sound card (PC).
I archive my favorite albums into 320kbps full bandwidth mp3s encoded with Lame389 (yuck I know, but still a backup incase my backup CDs go bad, ).
I also listen through the headphone jack of my Harman Kardon DVD 50 deck when my family is watching tv or listening to music on the other computer (hooked up to old Pioneer reciever and pair of Infinity SM 122).

I agree with redshifter, you're a hottie Lynn. =)
If you don't mind me asking, what ethnicity/race are you? I am South Korean.
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