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ECC33/ECC35 Tube Addicts

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This is a thread for those who use or have used these tubes.


I will start with the ECC33 first.

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This is reserved for the ECC35 details and photos.



Getter Types


Base Types

1.Tall Black

Vintage Mullard BVA ECC35 Valve NOS-1.tiff


2.Tall Brown

Mach Pair Mullard ECC35 small.jpg


3.Short Black



4.Short Brown




Glass Colour


Plate Types


Top Mica Types





Philips (Kingstyle's tubes)

Philips ECC35 by Kingstyles.jpg



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I have the phillip/miniwatt tall brown base ecc35. Even though they say made in holland, I am pretty sure they are the same as the mullards. Love this tube. Tight articulate bass with lush mids that are still detailed, and smooth highs. Seems to make a  great driver.



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Beautiful tubes for sure.

Mullard was owned by Philips.

I guess they were made by Mullard and relabeled/repacked as Philips.

They look exactly as the Mullard I have, will expand on the subject soon.

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Kingstyles can I use your photo for my ECC35 Brands section please?


The one with the lovely monkey.

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Feel free to use the photos. The monkey is extra. So far I have seen adzam, mullard, and phillips/miniwatt. Short and tall black base and short and tall brown base. I think the short brown bass came first then the  tall brown base. The tall black base seem to be the last grouping and I have no idea when the short black base came into play.


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What's the etched code almost readable in the monkey photo?

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Short Black and Brown Base ECC35 photos added.

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Re evaluated the ECC33 Short Black Base inverted cup getter.

Wonderful mids, nice tight bass, detailed and smooth.

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If some Philips tubes were never made in Holland (as it is branded) then how is one really to know if any of them were made there? Then again, who cares. They could have be made on Mars and if they sound incredible--then all the better.


Ears first

Logo Last.

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The ECC32/ECC33/ECC34/ECC35 and probably a few more were all made by Mullard in UK.


I have a some 6SN7 Mullard, branded as made in England which is also wrong.

Mullard never made any 6SN7.

They were made in Holland or Belgium.


I have American 6SN7GTB's marked as 5692 and vice versa.


Some late Mullards were made in CCCP and marked as made in England.

You must pay attention to the construction, plates, getter etc to be sure.

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I have to dig for some pics later, great thread mate, thanks:-)

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Pleased you like it my tube mate.


I know you like the ECC33's waiting for your impressions.

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Got a pair of short brown tall glass but marked as miniwatt, great tubes wink.gif




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Those are very nice tubes! I used a pair like that for a long time. I still have them, but no amp that uses 6SL7 currently.
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