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DUNU DN-16 VS IE7 (How DN-16 developed) - Part 1

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    Hello guys, I'm engineer Andy from DUNU. DN16’s near 10 months development is close to finish. It can’t wait to be published. And I want to share some thoughts with you.


    2010 April I have been assigned to develop 8 models of DUNU and required to achieve “SM3” (the sound quality of 

Sennheiser, the fashion style of Monster and reducing price to their 1/3). Among these models, DN-16’s design is completed and trying to reach IE 7’s hyper-bass sensationsubwoofer like experience. It took 10 months of RD. Its appearance designed of flame is crafted by 3D CNC. Beyond several experiments, we finally find a method to put it into mass production.


    About sound, the housing is determined to be airtight design. (When the air in the airtight housing, the inhale vibration resonant disc pressure will be greater than outer of the housing, so the disc playback would be smaller; Therefore it will give you the hyper-bass experience) just as the diagram shows.



     The housing of IE7 has ventilation hole which has the effect of bass damping. It makes the air in the housing can adjust pressure with the damping. With the large housing size, it provides more space for vibration resonant disc to function. Air spring has greater push power and it will offer greater hyper-bass and bass with feel clear but not dull. See the following graph.


     This mission makes me feel like I have to use local cannon plus 2m gun barrel to fight German tank(Sennheiser), sigh. German or Japan vibration resonant disc material, like Liquid crystal and bio membranes, some of them are not available in local market. Compare with Synthetic membranes, these materials are more elastic, flexible, with short response time and strong penetration power. Our factory used to OEM for oversea brand speaker. The material is merely provided by them. So I had great pressure on this task.


    Through several months efforts, from Craving for vibration resonant disc (enhance the steel strength) adjust the thickness or height; we keep repeating the trying and error process for tuning, along with adjusting vibration resonant disc, cone, coil weight, magnetic force and the power of driver unit, etc. we also use the inner damping to adjust the balance among lows, mids and highs and changing the design of the housing which is applying for patent now. Finally we got a figure that can compete with the German tank (Sennheiser). As the diagram shows




   Wow It’s really a cheerful outcome. I just can’t imagine that we can defeat the German tank with local canon (Sennheiser)(my personal thought). And if I have the chance I would like to display it for you guys.


   Last year, I got an order that indicates DUNU is aiming to achieve SM3, the sound quality of Sennheiser, the fashion style of Monster and reducing price to 1/3. In the meantime, we develop 8 models. Four of them are on sale right now, and the other four, 



   DN-14 (China red), DN-15 (blue and white porcelain), DN-16 (Hephaes - Flame) DN17 (Butterfly) were postponed. DN-14’s sound is confirmed, but not with its outer crafting.   


   DN-15 art craft is ok and is tuning right now (for company’s higher standard than before). Maybe it is for the intense competition on market. This year we also have three new models developing along with 13C 2nd, S01 2nd, Dynamic two units which is applying for patent, and custom 3 unit Balanced armature project, etc. It seems like we will have a really tight schedule and challenging year. See the promising products listed below.  




    The hearing experience from DN-16 on POP like Lady GaGa, Beyond, May Day Two Chinese POP bandsis awfully great. Those hyper-bass demanding music on DN-16 is extraordinary. I hope my company can arrange sending some samples to those who enjoy music and earphones. I will discuss the details with my company about how to do it. After all, it is the audience’s approval that a professional earphone most needed. By the way, I would like you to evaluate my design to see if it can compete with the German Tank (Sennheiser).




    DN-16 has sufficient bass performance; it’s clear but not dull. The treble is balanced, full, smooth, and with great penetrating power. Middle-Low’s elastic and penetrating power are just a little behind IE7’s.



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Your new products seem great! Can't wait to hear them, and keep up the good work!

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Hi Head Fiers,


I would like to apologize for the misspelling of Sennheiser that I have misspelled it for many times.


We always respect Sennheiser's achievement and leadership in headphones field and all the other earphone brands as well.



Thank esanthosh for pointing out the misspelling. I truly appreciate that.


I simply copy the word that's my mistake and I have corrected it now.


Any suggestion or inquiry are always welcomed. thanks again, esanthosh.



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I'm very impressed with the Ares and Trident.  I have the Haphaes on the way.  I'll give some impressions when they arrive.  

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Originally Posted by DannyBai View Post

I'm very impressed with the Ares and Trident.  I have the Haphaes on the way.  I'll give some impressions when they arrive.  

I assume you have the Vsonic GR07?  I'd love to see some comparisons!

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I'm sure we'll see some direct comparison to the IE7 pretty soon. GR07 should make an interesting comparison as well. I certainly remember two things, the IE7 is not as isolating and the IE7 was kind of boring. On those two counts at least I prefer the DN-16. I would say the graph above is spot on, DN-16 is not as mid-forward, which you can see. Also, the IE7 bass power seems further up towards the midbass and the impact on the DN-16 is more toward the low bass. Again the graph is just what I heard out of both. Wouldn't go any further than that since it's been a while since I've heard the IE7 but those are things that stand out.

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It's nice to be able to hear from engineering teams on things like this.  I'm interested to hear how these turned out!

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Yes I do.  I'll do my best to give some comparisons.  The GR07's still need 100+ hours of burn in.  They should be close to being ready by the time Haphaes arrive.  I'm definitely not an audiophile but I'm really impressed with how the Trident sounds right out of the box.  Clear trebles and the sub bass is excellent, especially when using the Soundmagic A10 with the XB on.  

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Just received the Haphaes today.  Right out of the box they sound quite good.  The bass is punchy, has good speed and the sub bass hits low.  The sub bass sounds excellent.  The trebles are a bit harsh on some of the high notes but I'm sure some burn in might take care of it.  A quick comparison to the Trident, you can tell the Haphaes have more treble presence, hits the low end with more impact and there's more emphasis on the mids.  I am still a beginner in learning the terminology and understanding all the factors that go into the reviewing earphones so forgive me if don't explain the sound signatures correctly.  I will give a full review and some other comparisons after burn in and I learn some more.  


A few pics.


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Looks and sounds tasty. Must have a PAIR! etysmile.gif

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Hi guys,


How about check the part 2. I put it on sponsor fourm for you. Go and check it out.



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