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Hey guys on my hunt for the cheapest AKG I could get my hands on I stumbled on a  ebay seller that had em for $11, so they just arrived. I have Not taken a listen to them yet... as Im unsure if theyre fake or not... according to the codes on the back of the box, it is indeed the real thing but the color of the AKG insignia on the front is slightly discolored, and the back is slightly darker too, but I can still see through the mesh itself so I am completely Baffled. p.s it was U.S seller who had 4 in stock only.


Any details on how the real thing should sould would be of great help!



Comparing them with the iphone4 buds, they sound better and more "airy" with more control, but only slighty. and as expected the K450 Blow these away insanely...


Confirmed fake!


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