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Fun Compliment for my GMP 8.35D

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Hi, long time since I came here but once again I seek your advice.  I'm looking for a fun headphone around $200.  I've been looking these two:





And I don't have preferences for it being open or closed, nor bassy or not, just fun.  Is the grado sr225i what I'm looking for? I'm attracted to its sound signature from what i've read but not to much of a fan for the complete grado packaging and extras. On the other hand I've read the dt770 pro 80 have a lot of bass and i thought it would be fun to have them.


P.S.: Not complaining about the 8.35D, they are great.


Also open to suggestions. Thanks.



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You can try some open hps...like the Sony SA-5000, or maybe the HD-600.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I think both headphones are out of my budget.  I hate head-fi lol! Now I'm having a hard time deciding between an HD 598, a Sr225i, an ATH-AD900 OR buying an e7/e9 AMP/DAC Combo for current headphones (GMP 8.35d, Ultrasone PRO - 750, and HFI-780).  Again, I appreciate anyone helping me out of this dilemma haha!

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Maybe pick up some Sennheiser HD 555's.  Since they were replaced by the 558's recently, they've gotten super cheap.  Then you can do the mod to make them fo-595's.  


That would be a cost effective move.

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