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Would grado-sr60 hold up to gym wear?

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Hey guys, I am new and looking for a new headphone for daily carry and gym use, I have gone through many pairs with bad durability.


After some research I am interested in the grado-sr60/grado ms1, but cannot find any information about their durability for every day carry and gym use (weight training), any input would be great. 


Thanks a bunch!

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not good for gym at all. unless u ride the stationary bike. definately not for weight training. my sr80's just barely stay on my head. plus the cable gets tangled easily. i think all grado's from the sr-60's to the very top end are more or less of the same size, shape and weight. might be mistaken on this.

when someone says 'portable use' for the grado sr60's , they probably mean it pairs well with portable devices like ipods etc without the need for an amp to make it sound its best.

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Thanks for the reply Frylock, but damn. So do you happen to have any recommendations for good headphones/earbuds that is very durable?

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Originally Posted by michaelenzo View Post

So do you happen to have any recommendations for good headphones/earbuds that is very durable?


Koss KSC-75s are pretty good for the gym, sound (more than?) decent, cost very little (10-15 bucks), and hold up well.

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Yeah, grados (or any full size headphone for that matter) wouldn't be great for the gym. I would recommend you look into using relatively cheap iems. I personally just use the Apple in ears (2 driver versions) for running. I get all sweaty and would really hate to expose any headphones/earphones I've spent real money on to that much sweat/humidity....

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for what it's worth, I wear a pair of Sennheiser PX200 (later upgraded to PX200-ii) to work out. Although nothing I do is hardcore, just maybe 20min warm-up run and then some weight training for 40mins to 1hr. They stay on my head pretty nicely and unless i accidentally yank the cable, they tend to not fall off or move much at all. of course then the down side is that your earpads will get sweat soaked more often and the thin pleather covering falls off quicker, but then you can get replacements quite easily. 

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I use my Klipsch S5i when I hit the weights. I tend to put the cord in my shirt to avoid it getting snagged onto somewhere, no problems whatsoever.


If you plan to do running or treadmill or whatever cardio, do find an IEM with minimal to no microphonics. The S5i's microphonics is enough to annoy me even with just brisk walking. I have to admit though that I lost the shirt clip that came with it, so I can't tell how much diff that makes.

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grados are definitely a no-no for the gym. I assume you don't need isolation, and you prefer an actual headphone to an IEM seeing as you were looking at grados/allessandros. I would then recommend a pair of koss portapros. I love mine so much that I put a silver cable on them, there are a few other mods that you can do including the kramer mod (helps bring the highs and mids out a bit) and the quarter mod( which is just cutting a quarter size hole in the pad, I highly recommend this mod. 


The ksc75s might be something to look at as well, but I find the highs way to sparkly myself and I don't like messing with ear clips. 


uhhh, look into the mentioned sennys too the px series.


Personally, I use IEM's when I exercise at home and if I was going to the gym... I'd probably still use IEM's. They would be good for everything but running (because of microphonics). I have no problem highly recommending the maximo im-590s as a nice balanced entry level IEM with good build quality and excellent customer service (some of the best around). I'm also fond of my etymotic MC5s paired with shure olives for when something needs an extreme amount of isolation, such as mowing the grass. However, I'd recommend stepping up higher in the etymotic chain to HF5's if you want a pair with great isolation and better sound than the mc5's. (mc5s tend to be a bit sterile).

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Ah I see, thanks for the reply guys. I can see now such big headphones would not be great for gym use. 


I ended up buying a Audio Technica ATH-M50 with detachable cables, and will use them for every day carry. Is that a good idea?


For gym use I will use the koss recommended above.

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the m50s should be alright for portable use, so long as you are cool with carrying around a large over ear headphone. They should isolate well enough for you.

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Though my wife and I did successfully use 2 pair of SR-60s on a month-long backpacking trek through West Africa, I wouldn't recommend them for regular gym use.  The cord's too long and the method by which the phones are attached to the headband is prone to come apart, but also easy to put back together.  If you like the Grado sound sig, try the iGrado.  There's a significant drop in SQ from the SR60, but it's still decent and much better for portability and gym use.

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JVC Marshmallow are good/cheap gym/exercise headphones. They're even better with the Comply T400 tips.

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