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AKG K702 w/ Hi-Fi Man - EF2A combination?

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Hi everyone, this is my first thread and I'm very happy to be part of this great community.


As a car audio enthusiast I've learned a lot about audio equipment over the years, but this is a fairly new arena for me. Anyways, I don't spend all the day on my car so I finally decided to get into the world of headphones.


I've recently purchased my first pair of "real" phones, the ATH-M50s. A real step up from my cheap-o $10 "klip" phones (that's right, klip, not even klipsch, really funny). 


So far I'm quite happy with my purchase. SQ wise they're very decent - which is what I was looking for - but soundstage is poor, enough for me to start thinking about moving up in the ladder. When I say poor I compare them against my Polk SR's so I guess it's not a fair contest, but anyway I'm not entirely happy with the closed soundstage. And I also have nooo idea what "good soundstage" is in a headphone (can anyone give me a comparison against home or car audio equipment?)


For that matter, my investigations led me to the AKG K702, which seems to have been designed to simulate a 7.1 surround system. That'd make me happy since I'm also a casual PC gamer, and positioning/sense of depth is very important for survivability/fraggabilty.


Since the phones impedance is 60ohms or something like that, I guess using an amp would be advisable. Again, my investigations led me to this hybrid "EF2A". What are your thoughts on the K702 - EF2A combination? 


I live outside the US, Guatemala to be precise, so my sources are VERY limited. The "best" we get here is Bose (crap) and overpriced Sennheiser (CX 300-ii @ $80 WTF?!?). I have to order everything via Amazon and take the risk of buying "blind" according to reviews and opinions, so making a good purchase from the start is very important for me!!


I know this is a good source since my lurking this forum led me to the M50's, and it was almost exactly what I expected. THANKS!

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While the ef2a used to be a good bang for the buck dac/amp, I firmly believe there are better deals out there for around the $200 mark.  Now you have options like the E7/E9 combo or the Audio GD NFB-12 which are both great starter dac / amp combos. 

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The EF2 is quite bright, I've never heard the K701 but from what I've read, it doesn't seem like a good pairing.

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