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Entry level in-ear and closed fullsized headphones

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Hello guys, this is my first time here.

Well, as the title say i'm looking for entry level headphones, one for mobile use and one for home use.


Just contextualize, until very recently I was completely unaware of the existence of quality music with headphones. Till last year all I had used was cheap headphones varying from philips to sony and some other brands. In the end of last year a friend showed me his Sennheiser CX500, and, well, i was simpled astounded, I had never heard anything like that before. This should be enough to give an idea of my situation.


In January i bought a sennheiser HD 201 that i've been using since then. As for today, they are the best headphones i've ever owned. As a consequence of this experiences, I wanted to invest in good quality headphones from now on. But, for ignorance, I don't understand most of the reviews when they speak of things like "soundstage", "warm/strong", "bass is like this", "the highs are like that". I also don't play any musical instrument, so i don't understand most of music technical aspects.


As for what usualy hear, well, it covers a lot of genders. Classical, Jazz, a bit of classical rock(very little to none of metal and other varieties), Bossa, Zouk are some of the ones I hear frequently, so I think i would prefer a headphone that wouldn't be biased for any gender in particular. Also I would use them for gaming, but it's by far the least important, my primary concern if to hear music, in the case of the in-ear in an ipod/mp3 player and in the case of the fullsized in my desktop.


One thing i would like to say is that once i've tried a pair of Sony that was announced with "extra bass" and i had the horrible sensation of something punching my head. I don't know if it was a problem of that specific model or it's because of the "extra bass".


So for the In-ear, i was thinking on the same of my friend, the Sennheiser CX500, which is for sale by US$ 40 in amazon. I haven't researched alot for in-ear headphones, so, if anyone has any other recomendations in between US$ 30-80 i would be glad to hear. (I know there is another section just for portable/in-ear, but before i go there, i would like to start somewere)


For the fullsized i was looking for a closed headphones because i have to share space and most of the time someone has or a speaker or a TV on. Just for reference, most of the time the isolation offered by the HD201 is enough, but i think(I could be wrong) that an open headphone woulnd't be enough. One very important thing is that they should be comfortable, since i work a lot in the PC i want to be able to pass many ours with them without feeling bothered/claped/hot in the ears/head.


I was looking between US$ 80-150, so the ones that poped out in my research were the following: Sennheiser 448, Shure SHR-440, Shure SHR-840, Audio Technica ATH-A700, Audio Technica ATH-M50, AKG K172 HD. I could add a little more money if it's going to make a good diference


The problem is that i don't know enough to tell the diference among them, and how to choose between them, and i was hoping that you guys could help me! Any suggestion is welcome


Thanks in advance

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I hadn't seen the other topic, i'm moving right now the post to the "Buying headphones? Seeking guidance? DON'T START A NEW THREAD. Ask for advice HERE!" Post.


Sorry for the inconvenience

If the administration want to delete this thread, feel free to do so.

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