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Ultrasone HFI-780 VS Beyerdynamic DT 770 (DT 880 VS DT 990)

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Hello Head-fi,


First of all i have to appologize for making a recommendation thread, I Promess to contribute when i receive my headphone by making a review and other contribution will follow when i get ideas.


I will first state that i am exited to leap into the higher end audio but i dont know much about it, this is why i came here.


I was told that for Bass Head like myself, Ultrasone HFI-780 would be great for my needs but i hear lots of controversies about them as well. (i hear that most of the shiny silver parts are actually plastic?)


Beyerdynamic DT 770 would seem to be a "Safer" choice just like the popular M-50.


I am looking for something semi portable for 150-200 Dollard and willl be building a CMoy amp.


Please feel free to recommand something completely different.


I hope you people can help me out and i will not forget to contibute


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If you're a basshead, you'll prefer the HFI-580 over the HFI-780. The 780 is more treble-based while the 580 is more bass-based.


Well, concerning the shiny silver part of the Ultrasones, they do feel metal. Unless of course, it's metal-plated plastic. Then again, about 80% of headphones are made out of mostly plastic, so you have nothing to worry about. 


I wouldn't say the DT700 is a 'safe' choice; just as many people as dissatisfied with the DT700 as with the M50.

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Any comment on Ultrasone 580 needing an amp? How about general build quality? Any thing you might consider "Better" considering the price range and the fact that i want to wear them around?


Thanks a lot for helping me out

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The HFI-580 is a great ampless headphone. As for portability, you may want to check out the Sennheiser HD25 II but their bass is lacking for any basshead, so the HFI-580 retains my vote.


Another option would be the Audio Technica Pro700 MKII. My review is in my sig.

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Would it benefit from an amp tho? Any Thoughts on Denon AH-D2000? If someone could make a rundown of the pros/cons between the Ultrasone HFI-780 and Beyerdynamic DT 770 that would be great. Any more recommendation are welcomed.


Thanks again. 

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If you have sensitive ears, the HFI-780's treble will kill you. Just adding on.

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All headphones benefit from an amp, just some more than others. Easy to drive headphones benefit the least from amplification. Beyer DT770's (and DT880's and DT990's) benefit a LOT from amplification - in fact I don't like the sound at all without a proper amp. Ultrasones in general are a lot easier to drive.


Remember that a $500 pair of headphones that "require" an amp are not necessarily better than a $500 pair of headphones that don't require an amp.

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I am grateful that people are helping me out! But I am intersted difference between the Ultrasone HFI-780 and Beyerdynamic DT 770 because it's headphones i can really see myself wearing. Of couse I am concerned about the sound/build quality but I am leaving this up to you people because you know what you are talking about.


I hope that after a good pair of headphone and after building my own amp, I will be able to make such decision on my own and even help people.


If you can think of another pair that would suit a basshead like myself, please share.

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if you are referring to the bass heavy dt770 80ohm vs. the 780 then the 780 is better in mids, easier to drive, and have adequate bass. the dt770 is slightly more comfortable, have only a touch more bass, are amp dependent on great bass, and are harder to drive.


If portable go with 780

If non portable and don't need great mids and will have good amp then go dt770

If value comfort over sound then go dt770

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Anybody else care to say what they think on the matter?

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I'd suggest Shure Shr840 / shr 440 or AT M50, these are more all around types of cans and sound fairly good even unamped.  

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Well it is true i've heard lots of things about the AT M50s but it seems that the HFI 780 have a more advance technology behind them, like the 40% less pressure on your hears and the IM Shielding. It seems like more as been put into the making of those headphones. The aluminum parts looks great as well.


Does any of this make sence for those using Ultrasone out there or am i just blindly accepting what Ultrasone wants us to beleive?

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It would be great if somebody could guide me as I am  new to this.

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The shielding on the Ultra's look like marketing really, haven't heard of many DJs dropping dead from ear cancer.

The less pressure stuff comes from their off center driver placement, the sound is offset and hits the bottom of your ear instead of your eardrum. It's also supposed to give the impression of a larger soundstage, but the effect seems to be hit and miss for a lot of people.

Why don't you just go with the HFI-580's? Higher numbers don't always = better. They seem to the ones bassheads go for and have the exact same "advanced technologies" and all that.

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The 780s have great bass (when equed up a notch). They are not that comfortable though. I can only listen to them about 2 hours (sometimes 1) before I have to take them off and give my head a break.


If you like a little extra treble with good bass then definitely go for the 780s.

I had both of them and I even though they hurt my ears, they sounded better than the dt770 (even with an amp). I sold my Dt770 as I felt the 780 outclassed them in nearly every way except comfort. Even the bass quantity was similar to me.


For more bass I would choose the 580s though. The treble is slightly less (but still there) and a little less detailed and still they would sound better than the dt770.


The 780s is for both good bass and good treble and not so good for comfort. Amping them and boosting the bass and you will have some awesome bass out of these things without muddiness and great recession of the mids (as in the dt770).


If you want something with great bass (only with an amp) and not as portable and with so so mids and so so treble then definitely go for the dt770 80ohm as it is more comfortable (get the velor pads though).


Oh that shielding stuff is just market stuff. You hear of no one in the world getting cancer from headphones.

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