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Apheared, have you tried adding a R-C filter to DT990 Pros as specified on HeadWize? Specifications of that filter and the HeadRoom measurements are so eerily matched that I think there must be something going on.

It seems you are not kidding in your profile headphones? "more than you".
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Heh, I'm getting more confused here instead of less

It seems maybe I should have stuck with the 770's that I had and kept them to compare directly to the 831's and 990's.

I assumed that the 831's were 'better' than the 770's and that the 931's would perhaps be better than the 990's.. but most comparisons that I've seen compare them all at a price/performance rather than a/b comparison which is what I'm after.

I guess I need someone who has all the sets we've talked about to do a direct x vs y comparison across the board without taking price into consideration...
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