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Which Beyer headphones?

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Ok, I have access to Beyerdynamic headphones at wholesale prices, and seeing as I need a new set of headphones - I thought I'd get a pair.
Now I don't really want to ship headphones back and forth for testing, so I thought I'd get some input so I can cut the list down a little

I've already had a listen to the 770pro's and I really liked them, but I figured seeing as I can pretty much afford any of the 'phones in the range, I may as well get the best I can.

So, if you could choose any set of Beyer headphones, which would it be?

I'm going to be listening to a lot of different types of music; trance/goa/ambient, rock, industrial, synthpop, electro, 80's and so on. I'll also probably be using the headphones at my computer so that'll include games as well so I'd really like a good set of all-rounders.

Now I know there are better suited headphones from other companies, but I don't have affordable access to other brands.
For example, local prices for me; Sennheiser 580's $300US, Beyer 990's $99US - you do the math
(I know I can probably find Sennheisers cheaper online, but I'm not in the US, so shipping cost puts the price up)

Any help would be much appreciated, feel free to ICQ me to talk more in-depth!

Thanks in advance!
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hi there,

First question: will you be using a headphone amp? The top of the line Beyer is the DT931 and I've listened to it with an amp and without and it definately sounds much better with the amp!!!!

Second question: any preference between open cans and closed cans? (open = everyone hears you - closed = the opposite)

Anyway. my recommends if you'll be using an amp: DT931 (it's the best!), or if you need a closed can then the DT831.

And if you won't be using an amp try the DT231 (very easy to drive) or perhaps the DT250 - 80ohm version.

Also. think of this: if you don't feel like dishing out the extra cash for a headphone amp, why don't you buy many Beyer's are your cheap prices and sell 'em on ebay (or even here)? Not enitrely ethical but whatever

Anyway, good luck!

ps: visit Headroom - they have mini reviews of most Beyerdynamics!
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thanks for the info
as far as an amp goes - yes, I'll be using an amp.. as for open v closed, I haven't actually had a chance to do a lot of comparing.

I'm basically after a really nice all-round set of headphones

already visited headroom

and no, I won't be selling batches of them online
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I agree with pretty much everything gorgon_123 said. Either the 831 or the 931, depending on whether you want open or closed.

BTW, PS, Yay! Finally, someone else who's heard the DT770 Pro's! I listen to these all the time (at work -- they are my second best, "cheap" pair), and they are astoundingly good. Considering that's where you're coming from (and yes, they sound particularly good with electronica and trance, don't they?), you should probably lean towards the 831. If you do, please A/B them and report, as I am curious what I am missing. I got the Senn 250II's, and was disappointed. I should sell it and get the 831...
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Dusty Chalk,
you are the man of the hour. My favourite headphone right now is the Beyer DT 990 Pro 250 Ohms (it is so much more musical than the far too bright 931 and 831, and I clearly prefer it to the Senn HD 580 or 600 as well). Now, I am thinking about getting the Beyer DT770 Pro 250 Ohms, which might have even better bass performance than the already excellent 990 Pro. I suspect all 990s, 770s and 250s have such a warm and - to my ears - more natural tonal balance that they tend to be overshadowed when compared to the excessively bright-sounding majority of headphones out there. But I feel those Beyers are very musical and easy on the ears.

Two questions: Do you have the old 600 Ohm version of the 770 Pros or the new 250 Ohms? And can you compare it in a little bit more detail to the Senn HD 600, that I know very well?

If only someone had both the new 990s and 770s...
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Hm.. ok my concern here now is the performance difference between the 770pro's and the 831's - I liked the bass response on the 770's, and they were pretty darn comfy too.

Although the 831's may be 'better' I don't know if they'll be better suited to my needs or not...
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sorry to interrupt,but do the closed design of the 770pro make the soundstage less pronounced than the open style of the 990pro's?
Same goes for the DT831 closed vs DT931 open.
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ded - check out headroom! off the top of my head i can remember that the DT831 has a rating of 4.5 while the DT931 is rated at 3.5. I'm not sure if this is based soley on sound or if it is a Sound+$$$ rating though.

jude - perhaps an eventual goal of head-fi would be to have "official" (that is to say, trusted ears) review and compare as many headphones as humanly possible. While the searchable forums are great (especially on headwize since it's been around much longer and has had time to build up), they can be tiresome due to reading through all the irrelevant (thought sometimes amusing) banter! Anyway.... I realize this is already in the making but perhaps asking prominent members of the community to write these "official head-fi" reviews (example: joelongwood writes a multi-sectioned piece on his expansive grado collection - this could be as simple as compiling and editing much of what he has already written). .....

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I own all 4.

It's a trade off in one thing or the other, though. I love the 770s but they heat me up fast. The 8/931s have less bass response of the 77/990s but I think they are more detailed, and all of them have this rising treble characteristic. Should just call it "beyer treble".

The detail thing is catchy too. If you reduce the bass in any headphone, you'll hear more detail. Something to do with soundwaves in the air or driver excitation (ie less motion) but nonetheless... tis true.

Anyway, to answer your question: 990Pros... Heavy. Hot. Built like a tank. And sound damn good.
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Just remember that I'm not comparing price/performance in the beyer range - my question is pretty much; if they were all the same price, which would you go for?

I'm getting a pair of 831's to compare to the 770's, so I might also get the 990's as I haven't actually -tried- open headphones.

The only problem I forsee with open headphones is that I am trying to avoid annoying everyone else around me when listening to them, although it's not a major problem because it will be for home use - but yeah, I'd rather not disturb those arround me too much

Having said that, I really don't have any idea of how much sound 'escapes' a pair of open cans.
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Apheared, by choosing the 770pro closed design,will i loose the soundstage of the open 990pro's?
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Originally posted by Tomcat
Dusty Chalk,
you are the man of the hour. My favourite...Two questions: Do you have the old 600 Ohm version of the 770 Pros or the new 250 Ohms? And can you compare it in a little bit more detail to the Senn HD 600, that I know very well?
I just wanted to let you know that I saw your post, and (a) I have the old 600 ohm version -- I am very curious how the new 250 ohm version compares, myself -- and (b) will have to get back to you on the Beyer/Sennheiser comparison. I do, indeed, have both, but tend to use them in very different circumstances -- including different amps -- so can't do a comparison off-hand. I'll do an A/B comparison some time in the future. (Busy with other things right now, give me a couple weeks -- but I suspect you are more interested in a comparison with the new 250 ohm version.)
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990 pro's---------good bass response---------the others have more detail, but the tradeoff is exaggerated and annoying treble. I prefer the darker balance of the 990's.
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"I own all 4." - Apheared,
I hate you. Envyenvyenvyenvy. Now let us establish whether you own the two I am really interested in: the 990 Pro - 250 Ohms and the 770 Pro - 250 Ohms? If those are the ones you own, you just have to give us a comparative review. You hear, you must! How about a brief one? Just one line? Please?

Dusty Chalk,
Thank you for this offer to review your 770 Pro - 600 Ohms. This would be very interesing, and you could compare them to the Sony V6 as well. But I am afraid, I am already itching too much. I can hardly keep myself from ordering the 250 Ohm version right now.

I know you are talking about the 250 Ohm version of the 990 Pros, but do you know the closed 770 Pros - 250 Ohm as well? I would tend to trust your judgment - anyone who says the 990 Pros - 250 is his favourite headphone has to have ears of gold.

I feel this soundstage issue is very often related to strange and artifical effects in the treble. Easier seperation of instruments is not necessarily a good thing, nor is "more" detail. I know, this is what the prevailing hifi-sound is all about, but I don't want to hear "more", I want to hear better! I am afraid very often "detail" is nothing but a symptom of timing anomalies, screwed up phase linearity and and the inability of a component to preserve the integrity and coherence of complex musical signals.

That is the reason why I prefer even the closed Beyer DT 250 - 80 Ohms to the 831 and 931. Of course, the 931 is the "airiest" of the three, and there is a bigger soundstage from the 831 as well, but I perceive both of them as tonally incoherent and nowhere near as emotionally involving as the DT 250 - 80. So, I would have even higher hopes for the DT 250 - 250 Ohms or the 770 Pro - 250 Ohms. And since you liked the 770s, they just might be the best closed Beyer headphone there is.
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Originally posted by Snufkin
Having said that, I really don't have any idea of how much sound 'escapes' a pair of open cans.
So, if sound is escaping, is that the same as silence leaking in?

I am really interested in the outcome of this thread. I had just assumed for the longest time that the 831 was a step up from the DT770Pro's, now I'm not so sure (I would not want to sacrifice bass for just anything). Maybe all I need now is the 250 ohm version. I'll probably still get both at some point, after I sell off some of my others...

Originally posted by ded
Apheared, by choosing the 770pro closed design,will i loose the soundstage of the open 990pro's?
One of the things that screws up timing and soundstage information between channels is compression. All components along the chain compress a sound, if there isn't enough headroom, and if the information isn't compressed in both channels in exactly the same/right way, then the object will not appear accurately in the soundstage. So the best thing you can do, is make sure that you aren't listening too loudly, or that you're not boosting the bass, or that your equipment can handle it. If you don't want to forsake the bass, you may want to try making a setup that is tactile-based (attaches to your chair), so that you're not messing with the bass on the headphones.
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