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Originally Posted by trotoir View Post

Hi Arcamera,


I'm doing my research on the Burson and I have the D7000. Please could you offer a deeper insight into this combo for me having listened to this pairing a while longer?


Cheers if you can no worries if not!


Hi trotoir,


Unfortunately I have not been listening to the Burson-Denon combo lately. Rather, I've been exploring tube amps. Currently I'm enjoying the D7000's with a Woo WA6 (transformer-coupled) amp. It's quite an elegant, refined sound. I'll probably set up the Burson again in the near future though. I switched to the tubes because I wanted something a little more laid-back: The Burson is rather forward. The Burson-Denon combo an exciting, full-bodied, dynamic sound, but it might be a little 'over the top' all the time. I'll try to say more when I've spent more time with the Burson...


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I checked out the power output of HA-160 and it's 250mW


Any idea on how this pairs with HE-500? I know that HE-500 requires minimum 1 W at 32 ohms.

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