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CX500 VS Brainwavz M2

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My original pair of (non-counterfeit) cx500's gave out, after just four months of ownership... I was satisfied with them, but always open to a different IEM. I need a new set of IEM's without breaking around 60$. I'm pretty much tied between these two IEM's, although I'm always open to different IEM's in my price range.

I can get a legit cx500 for $40. 
The Brainwavz m2 is $60.

They are going to be driven straight out of an iPod, I listen to some bassheavy electronic, and some rock/metal.

Which one would suit my needs better?


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I've heard the CX 500 briefly. I own the brainwavz M2. I didn't like the soundsignature of the CX500. I think the CX 500 has too much tremble. 
The M2's are not bass heavy. I like the sound. It's my best (and most expensive) IEM. The M2 has clear mids and I like the tremble.

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I actually found that the M2's had a significant low end and certainly were a lot more bass heavy than the M3s. They remind me of a poor man's monster turbine with a little less clarity in the mids. It should be pretty good fit for the music you listen to. You may want to look into a pair of Turbines also.

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