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For Sale: For Sale: Used 16gb iPod Touch $50 - Page 2

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I would like to buy this ipod send it to 226 south gardener street Sharon Springs Kansas

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i am trying to get an ipod touch that is 50 dollors and there was none so i checked on here and i think that i want this one.

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hey man I see the I pod your selling and im  interested shoot me an email back at I would love to have it and when Is the latest you could hold it

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hello my name is angelique. my birthday is in about a week and a half and i was wondering if u were still selling this ipod? i really want one but my mom says my budget is under $60, so i thought this was great. please reply ASAP

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Hey. I'm interested in your ipod. Reply to my email @


I really would like to negotiate.





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